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Week - 761

About Active Pets
by _quartervirus_
Description: In which certain Halloween pets are discovered to be less advantageous than others

Week - 762

Angels and Pirates
by _quartervirus_
Description: Happy Day of Giving, everybody!!

Week - 801

by _quartervirus_
Description: Sometimes games aren't so relaxing...

Week - 811

Fifty Games?!
by _quartervirus_
Description: AAA? More like "AAAAAAAGH!!"

Week - 819

Celebrating Fifteen Years
by _quartervirus_
Description: Fifteen years and still going strong

Week - 830

by _quartervirus_
Description: The best way to avoid frustration is not to play at all!

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An Officially Unofficial Yooyu
I'm just your everyday, nondescript petpet. My color is plain, the color that I was born with. I am not painted a special color and I'm okay with that. I enjoy all the same activities as any other petpet: taking walks in the park with the other petpets, being fed only the highest grade petpet food available, and being pampered with toys, grooming items, and a nice cushy bed to curl up in at the end of the day. A comfortable and relaxed life definitely the life for me. That is all I want and all I will accept.

Oh. You've noticed, haven't you?

I am a Yooyu.

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“And so, you can easily argue that Hornington’s theories do not stand up to current scientific standards, as well as entirely contradict the findings of Rosher in his study, “Swamp Gas Aishas in Their Natural Habitats.” Therefore…”

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