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Week - 706

Goparokko Game Guide
by m0nster_rancher
Description: Hello everyone and welcome to my guide on how to play Goparokko! In a recent survey I conducted on the Avatar Neoboards, I found that a lot of people are struggling to get the Goparokko avatar. I believe by following the many tips and pointers in this in-depth guide, you'll be showing off your avatar or trophy to your friends and of course, the Tiki Man in no time!

Week - 737

Tasting Kauvara's Potions
by m0nster_rancher
Description: What a better way to celebrate Kau day than to sample some of Kauvara's finest morphing potions? Cow, the Yellow Kau and also our exclusive Neopian Times Reporter went into Mrs Kauvara's workshop today both to sample her morphing potions and to give her a quick interview to help her break away from her busy schedule and enjoy a restful Kau Day.

Week - 750

Why Weewoos Should Keep Delivering The Neopian Times
by gelertz
Description: A job coupon later...

Also by m0nster_rancher

Week - 756

The Quest for Edna's Avatar
by rocksysmom

Also by m0nster_rancher

Week - 822

Shop limit change and the r99 economy
by m0nster_rancher
Description: Greetings and welcome to my article.. or you may call it a rant! It's mainly a casually written article from an experienced Neopets player written in a way to vent my views at the changes and to inform other unknowing people.

Week - 823

The Cooking Pot: A New Discovery
by m0nster_rancher
Description: Hey there avid article readers! Last week I was casually searching the Trading Chat Neoboards as usual and came across a board from a user that awakened my adoration for the Cooking Pot and its recipes. This board revealed quite a milestone and the fact of the matter was that a new recipe had been discovered in 2018!

Week - 829

Edna the Avatar Thief (Part 1)
by m0nster_rancher
Description: Edna the witch is probably one of the more written about villains in the Neopian Times. Villain you might say? Well villain she is indeed! Not even Dr. Sloth himself would have the nerve to ask for 20,000 Neopoints of items per quest and not give a pesky avatar out! Edna has no such limitations.

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