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Week - 811

Derp The Lutra
by drabkin
Description: Meet Derp the Lutra, not the smartest but the cutest indeed.

Week - 812

In-Depth Guide to Master: AAA’s Revenge
by drabkin
Description: Have you ever wondered how some users score 1000 points on AAA's Revenge? Well, this is your chance to be one of them!

Week - 817

In-Depth Guide to Master: Snow Wars II.
by drabkin
Description: If you're trying to win this game's avatar or the trophy, this is the guide you need to read!

Week - 820

Your Friendly Guide to Random Avatars: Part 1
by drabkin
Description: The regular neopian gets a guide that defies his comprehension skills without being ambiguous at all.

Also by hatsuomi

Week - 822

Your Friendly Guide to Random Avatars: Part 2
by drabkin
Description: Misinterpretations may happen quite often even when you're smart, right?.

Also by hatsuomi.

Week - 823

Your Friendly Guide to Random Avatars: Part 3
by drabkin
Description: I think it's dangerous to swim after having lunch but maybe that's just me.

Also by hatsuomi.

Week - 824

Your Friendly Guide to Random Avatars: Part 4
by drabkin
Description: Pushing your friend to the limits of sanity isn't right, give that Gnorbu a break!

Also by hatsuomi.

Week - 825

Your Friendly Guide to Random Avatars: Part 5
by drabkin
Description: Alright regular neopian, icy what you did there, well played. No bad pun intended.

Also by hatsuomi.

Week - 826

Your Friendly Guide to Random Avatars: Part 6
by drabkin
Description: There are some things in Neopia you just can't mess with, what a way to learn that lesson.

Also by hatsuomi.

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