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Week - 765

by kennielee
Description: They couldn't see eye to eye...

Week - 766

A Claw-ful Pun
by kennielee
Description: He only had one pupil...

Week - 767

A Colorful Pun!
by kennielee
Description: What kind of a bow can't be tied?

Week - 768

Avatar Hunting Problems
by kennielee
Description: Just how many of these do you expect me to kiss...

Week - 812

A Ghost Pun
by kennielee
Description: Why do Ghost Neopets hate rain?

Week - 814

A Crumby Pun
by kennielee
Description: So punny I can't handle it...

Week - 815

A Kau Pun
by kennielee
Description: Why did the Kau go to outerspace?

Week - 816

A Chocolate PUN
by kennielee
Description: Do tell...

Week - 818

Another Kau Pun
by kennielee
Description: What do Kaus do in their free time?

Week - 824

A Techo Pun
by kennielee
Description: Tell me why?

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