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Week - 520

Anna's Home
by supergirl1057
Description: "I can't see you," I muttered coolly. "I'm blind."

Week - 534

Plain Kate
by supergirl1057
Description: She had already decided she didn't like it in this house and that she was going to leave, whatever it took.

Week - 536

Orange and Yellow with Little Stars
by supergirl1057
Description: "If you must be difficult like that, purple is the smell of freshly baked cookies straight from the oven."

Week - 547

Just Left
by supergirl1057
Description: "Sorry?" I quipped, and she fell silent. "I didn't know where I was. I still don't know where I am! Seans didn't stop crying for a month!"

Week - 553

The Almost Pound Escape... Or Something Like That: Part One
by supergirl1057
Description: "Seven hundred and sixty three days in the pound and no owner..."

Week - 554

The Almost Pound Escape... Or Something Like That: Part Two
by supergirl1057
Description: Usually I would grace the ears of the inmates with a nice loud battle cry to wake them up to greet the day, but this morning I wasn't in the mood. I had a plan...

Week - 555

The Almost Pound Escape... Or Something Like That: Part Three
by supergirl1057
Description: "She's not my sister," I said defiantly. "That Xweetok is the only reason I'm here."

Week - 556

The Almost Pound Escape... Or Something Like That: Part Four
by supergirl1057
Description: Before midnight that night the whole pound was buzzing with unspoken energy. Almost every pet in the building was on board with the breakout...

Week - 557

The Almost Pound Escape... Or Something Like That: Part Five
by supergirl1057
Description: "Oh, I can do worse," Dr. Death said, looking at me with a cruel grin.

Week - 677

by supergirl1057
Description: "I let Mom sleep," I said, the name tasting stale in my mouth. It had been years since I had called anyone that.

Week - 823

The "True" Story of the Vanishing Pound
by supergirl1057
Description: Sweetie claims she knows the truth about the pound vanishing...do YOU believe her?

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