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Week - 669

Shattering Darkness
by likelife96
Description: Once, his people called him Lord Darigan. They used to be prosperous, happy, knowing nothing of war or disease or the thousands of things that plagued the world...

Week - 701

The Advisor's Test
by likelife96
Description: Chantelle fiddled with the bonds around her wrists, listening to their rusted squeaks as each individual chain link scraped against the other. The footfalls of the Eyrie guard behind her echoed through the desolate halls of the citadel’s palace. His armor clanked with every step.

Week - 710

Duplicity: Part One
by likelife96
Description: Jeran sat slumped over the throne. Before him, Meridellians and Darigans commemorated the fifth year of peace since the war, a peace that would last a thousand years. They spoke and danced under azure faerie light, alongside the finest music Meridell had to offer. Odors of baked goods, exotic fruits, and well-done meats saturated the air.

Week - 711

Duplicity: Part Two
by likelife96
Description: The throwing knife scraped Lisha’s dress. She’d barely moved out of the way in time. Without a second thought, Lisha gripped her wand of ultranova and swung it in the direction of her assailant, sending a powerful pulse through the air. The purple Nimmo was pushed from the bushes into the wall.

Week - 712

Duplicity: Part Three
by likelife96
Description: It was quiet. Leaves crackled and quivered in the breeze. The roses that wrapped around the balcony’s railings exuded a faint perfume. Lisha and Jeran stared out into the empty night sky, ignoring the city below.

Week - 713

Duplicity: Part Four
by likelife96
Description: For a prince of the “kingdom of knowledge” and a celebrated graduate of Brightvale University, Rafael wasn’t very bright, though that could be chalked up to his Meridellian heritage. He wiped his own tears with a dirty handkerchief, whining to Danner between his pauses.

Week - 714

Duplicity: Part Five
by likelife96
Description: Each individual’s magical energy was as a river, constantly ebbing and flowing through its owner as it was expended and renewed. The maximum amount of energy anyone could have was fixed at a certain amount, and though there was no real mathematical quantification of it, every trained sorcerer intuitively knew the “correct” value it should have been at.

Week - 715

Duplicity: Part Six
by likelife96
Description: The drawbridge itself could hold half a palace. Spiky vines cracked through the edges of the moat below, slithering through patches of shrubbery. Sunlight glittered off the golden borders of the turrets.

Week - 716

Duplicity: Part Seven
by likelife96
Description: Gali quivered while the guards poured a bitter liquid down his throat. All parts of his body shook out of control, disobeying his every command. He wanted to push the guards away, ask them what was going on, but he could not.

Week - 717

Duplicity: Part Eight
by likelife96
Description: “You have already violated the common law once, Jeran, and however good your intentions may be, there will be dire consequences if you decide to do it again. We will not allow it.”

Week - 718

Duplicity: Part Nine
by likelife96
Description: At the royal library, Lisha shuffled through legend after legend where any demons or wraiths were mentioned. She had already amassed a tower of books on the identification of so-called “evil” magics and spells, which had grown so large its structural integrity was faltering. The books she had read were thrown in a huge pile on the ground.

Week - 719

Duplicity: Part Ten
by likelife96
Description: Lisha heard some incomprehensible murmuring grow louder as she walked toward the eastern courtyard. In the distance, she made out a small shadow stretched out over the walls, covering the cobwebs and Spyders hiding underneath. That shadow eventually developed into the shape of a Wocky, and Lisha subsequently recognized the low, nasal voice as Danner’s. The man himself was leaning against the wall, repeatedly rotating his thumbs around one another.

Week - 720

Duplicity: Part Eleven
by likelife96
Description: Three images materialized before Lisha: a faerie with a burning heart beating beneath her chest, a Skeith with glowing bones beneath his layers of fat, and a Lupe with bloody, hollow eyes. She identified each as Ambition, Greed, and Revenge, respectively.

Week - 721

Duplicity: Part Twelve
by likelife96
Description: Giles ran over to his freed father and jumped on him with open arms the moment he saw him. The small Xweetok smiled as Garrington weakly ruffled his mane. Dark circles surrounded the duke’s eyes. His wife, the duchess, pinched her nose and nodded along. “Yes, yes, we miss you very much. I think the dungeons have done a number on you.”

Week - 722

Unwanted Invitees
by likelife96
Description: Um, how exactly did you get put on the invite list?

Week - 723

The Important Things
by likelife96
Description: Some things are better than treasure.

Week - 724

Eclectic Antics: Kass and the Village People
by amarettoball
Description: Kass even tried bringing a gift. There's just no pleasing them.

Also by likelife96

Week - 725

Relationship Advice
by likelife96
Description: Um, maybe a little too intense. Plan B?

Week - 727

Favorite Pastime
by twillieblossom
Description: I'm not sure that's how it works

Also by likelife96

Week - 728

Why Amira is Still a Princess
by likelife96
Description: Uh, seriously?

Week - 729

Inevitable Delusions
by likelife96
Description: Two Darigan youth sat across each other around a round table, burying their noses in a fan of cards, hardening their expressions until became like stone. Around them gathered four other Darigan knights who had already folded their hands, and now, they silently hedged their bets as to who would win this round.

Week - 750

750 Days
by likelife96
Description: Most people would say that it took the usurper Kass roughly two years to start and lose a war between the Darigan Citadel and Meridell. Lady Evelyn would be more exact; she would say it took her cousin 750 days to do so--750 slow days to observe a ruler slowly crackle until his realm collapsed.

Week - 794

Crowding the Sky
by likelife96
Description: The sky provides much awe to planet-dwellers...

Week - 819

by likelife96
Description: Master Vex laid yet another card down in his hopeless quest to win a game of solitaire.

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