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Week - 644

Life's A Stage
by opossumman
Description: He brushed off his sweat-covered brow with his paw and adjusted his goggles. "There, that should do it..."

Week - 668

Returning to Brightvale University
by opossumman
Description: "It's from Brightvale University... I did my graduate studies there," Jacob explained.

Week - 674

A Not-So-Stealthy Christmas Tale
by opossumman
Description: The clerk looked at the ID. "Well, when you contacted us and claimed you were an Eyrie named Stealth, I figured you would have been, well, Stealthy, and not Silver."

Week - 676

Of Time Machines and Banana Cookies
by opossumman
Description: "I didn't want to get your hopes up if it didn't work. Time travel's already a proven concept, it's just incredibly hard to pull off."

Week - 677

Two Moltarans Walk Into a Lodge...
by opossumman
Description: "And whatever you do, don't use the swimming pool."

Week - 700

The Purpose of the Press
by opossumman
Description: The door to Professor Lambert’s chambers creaked open. The Gnorbu looked up from his daily reading and twitched his ear. “Ah, you must be Jacob, come right this way!” he said, motioning to the seat in front of his desk. “Now, I have your file pulled out already. I gave it a read over my lunch break, I hope you don’t mind. Your résumé is very impressive indeed.”

Week - 715

Agent 42
by opossumman
Description: Jacob flicked the switch on the coal-sorter and waited on baited breath. This would be the one, surely. The Christmas Kacheek had spent far too many hours on the device for it to backfire again. Slowly one steam-powered rotor began to turn and moved the coal from one pile into its internal furnace. It worked just as planned: a breakthrough, in his eyes.

Week - 717

Celebrating Kacheek Day as a Newly-Morphed Kacheek
by opossumman
Description: For Kacheeks all around Neopia, this means a day of mirth and merriment in celebration of our species’ long and storied history. For some of us, however, this day can be quite confusing as well. This is because some Kacheeks, such as myself, were not born as Kacheeks, but ended up becoming one for some reason or another.

Week - 726

Of Portals and Faeryllium
by opossumman
Description: “Wraithland,” Stealth said, questioningly. The brown Grundo was fixated on the twitching of the strange Wocky’s left eye. “And you’re sure this guidebook will get me there?” “Certainly. Though the more money is left in this jar, the more likely it will be that the portal appears on that day,” the Wocky said with a cackle while rubbing his palms together.

Week - 738

Project: Nightmare
by opossumman
Description: The fog rolled over the shores of Krawk Island thicker than usual that evening. The haunting sounds of the dock bells fell upon the frightened ears of a dockworker, a green Tuskaninny. Something about this night in particular seemed…off.

Week - 750

All in the Cards
by opossumman
Description: Moltara City was the same bustling subterranean metropolis it had always been, thought Stealth, a brown Grundo. It was just another day for him. He woke up, panicked at his once-again-missed alarm, ran out of his apartment screaming, and while his arms flailed and his roommate covered his ears, he managed to get to the obsidian quarry on time against all odds.

Week - 752

More Than Just Moltite
by opossumman
Description: The thunderous strikes of the miners' pick axes resonated across the quarry. As sweat cascaded down the brows of the workers, the heat of Neopia's core gave no mercy.

Week - 778

Mayor May Not
by opossumman
Description: "You see no issue in the fact that we've continuously elected him as Mayor despite not knowing his name? What if he's a Sway plant or something?" Jacob said. "I'm going to the Arcanium. They have a news archive."

Week - 794

You Are Now Leaving Neopia
by opossumman
Description: "We are the Grundos. We used to live in harmony and peace on the planet Doran."

Week - 803

Prelude to the Resurgence: "Seeking" Aid
by opossumman
Description: Taking a winding key from his vest pocket with one paw and wiping his sweat-fogged brass goggles with his other, he placed the winding key into the box and began to turn it...

Week - 807

Resurgence: The Wand on the Left
by opossumman
Description: Prelude to the Resurgence.

Week - 818

Resurgence: Fiendish Formations
by opossumman
Description: That made it even more imperative that Faerieland should be completely defended while the current situation is still being handled. Faerieland quite literally can't fall lower than it already has, and as a central source of magic and power for Neopia, it couldn't fall into the hands of the Wraith...

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