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Week - 493

Ice Heart
by erroro
Description: Taelia shivered slightly, and pulled her hood up more over her jet black hair. She scanned the snow...

Week - 506

The Bookshop Owner's Daughter
by erroro
Description: "Who will take care of the book shop in my old age?" he asked. "Besides," he added, "guards aren't paid very much anyway."

Also by princesspesa98

Week - 508

The Sorceress's Rising
by erroro
Description: "Very well, Xandra. From hearing your story, I can only guess that you have some magical abilities. Now, if we could only teach you how to control them..."

Also by princesspesa98 :)

Week - 528

The Sorceress's Choice
by erroro
Description: Xandra landed face first into a flower bed.

"Ow..." she mumbled...

Also by princesspesa98

Week - 529

The Sorceress's Ending
by erroro
Description: "Why, hello, Xandra. I do believe we meet again."

Also by princesspesa98

Week - 535

A Tale of Two Sisters (And Ice Cream)
by erroro
Description: They were all very different and special in their own ways. But they put that all aside to cooperate with each other, like a good family should.

Except for the two sisters.

Also by princesspesa98

Week - 581

The Year Gone By
by ferroro
Description: When Brynn saw the crowds gathering, her heart sank. If there was one thing about being a hero that she didn't like, it would have to be all the attention.

Week - 769

The Girl Guard
by erroro
Description: The captain had been willing enough to accept a girl into his guard - something other lands probably considered impossible. "Good morning students," he greeted us. "I trust you have met our newest student, Brynneth."

Week - 775

Before the Rise
by erroro
Description: The speckled Xweetok didn’t mean to explode the stupid little Bruce’s pencil case. But he’d insulted her glasses, and everyone seemed to forget that part. And then the pencil case exploded completely on its own!

Also by princesspesa98

Week - 777

Boom Goes the Dynamite
by erroro
Description: My problems started when Jane called me into the kitchen.

Also by Princesspesa98

Week - 778

by erroro
Description: Look, I didn’t mean to fail algebra.

Also by Princesspesa98

Week - 780

Black and White
by erroro
Description: An epilogue to my story The Sorceress' Ending.

Also by princesspesa98

Week - 800

8 Years Apart
by erroro
Description: But she could see in the reflection of the mirror, the violet eyes of someone much older, the eyes of someone who stared but could not see.

Also by PrincessPesa98

Week - 811

The Five Stages of Grief
by erroro
Description: Xandra cycled through the stages of grief rather slowly. Perhaps it was because she was one to ruminate in her misery. Or perhaps it was that she was a statue and her cognitive thought had slowed down accordingly.

Also by Princesspesa98

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