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Week - 531

Five Reasons Why Villains Live To Plot Evil
by cherishtwilight
Description: Villains. A good plot can't be without them.

Week - 541

Seven Types Of Heroes In Neopia
by cherishtwilight
Description: From the beginning of time, heroes have always been saving the world with their good deeds both big and small. But the big question is: do we really know everything about them?

Week - 551

Cryptic & Elusive: Mr. Krawley
by cherishtwilight
Description: The story took place a long time ago, and in the end the whole town was freed. Everyone's happy, right? WRONG.

Week - 565

A Guide To Alternative Paint Brushing
by cherishtwilight
Description: When you finally have enough, you buy a White Paint Brush on the Trading Post for a reasonable price, your hard work finally paid off.

That is, until you see the Christmas Zafara your friend has.

Week - 566

Have Hope
by cherishtwilight
Description: Kale Xadum and Bella Chorsicks walked along the cobblestoned roads, enduring the misfortune and awkwardness of a conversation for a conversation's sake.

Week - 568

Spells, Flames, Illusions
by cherishtwilight
Description: "There's no such thing as ghosts! Why, I went to that graveyard outside of town and I certainly didn't see any ghosts."

Week - 699

The Free
by cherishtwilight
Description: Good Doctor,

I recognize your name in the more sinister spaces of Neovia. It seems I’m unable to turn my troubles to any of my companions without having your notoriety run through the atmosphere. Thus, though as a proper Neovian I should be avoiding this entirely, I have decided to conspire with the forbidden.

Week - 700

The Painted Weewoo and the Maraquan Dillema
by cherishtwilight
Description: “Boss. Boss, something’s happened.”

“What is it, you nitwits?” the shuffling of feathers. A Weewoo in a suit and tie, eliminating evidence of pastry crumbs and red jam. “I’m busy.”

Also by lute248

Week - 707

Something I Don't Already Know
by cherishtwilight
Description: “Why is it that every time these twin Wockies organize a parade, we’re the ones sent to clean after it?”

“Shut up and get to work, Cornelius,” Carmichael glared at the Werelupe, pulling off the latex gloves from her fingers. The ghost Xweetok groaned, tying her hair in a bun. Her translucent face was stained with flaked skin and red spots, her Howie coat unbuttoned and in a state of disarray.

Week - 708

The Thing With Wings
by cherishtwilight
Description: “Can we consider him a member of the undead?” “Can we consider him a member of the undead?”

Cornelius Blunt glared at the white Zafara with wings on its back, wearing a brown coat, sitting out on the Sanatorium porch under the pouring rain. His fellow newly-hired nurse, a mummified Ruki in hospital garb with a somewhat defective tongue, shrugged, saying: “Wreeeaaah?”

Week - 712

A Settling of Differences
by cherishtwilight
Description: The spirit of Christmas comes in many different forms. It often symbolizes togetherness, family, caring for one another, ending one life while slowly building another. But in most occasions, Christmas is nothing more than an opportunity for change, a day of giving. This was not one of those occasions.

Also by lute248

Week - 714

When Zombies Attack...and fail.
by sophieauditore
Description: Not all zombies get the hang of it.

Written by cherishtwilight

Week - 715

We Ordinary Few
by cherishtwilight
Description: They stood there, in the pouring rain, waiting for the end of the world. It was always the end of the world, in a child’s eye. A year lived to a five year old is a millennia, a day a decade of turbulence and revolution. Time moves like molasses when one’s running through their fathers’ poppy garden at the speed of sound, the most minor changes an earthquake rocking the world out of orbit.

This change was anything but minor.

Week - 773

Old Friend
by cherishtwilight
Description: She hadn’t seen Ilere in at least three centuries. Granted, Fyora was never obligated to visit all faeries for Thanksgiving dinner or anything, but even if she was she had a sinking feeling that Ilere wouldn’t want to see her anyway.

Week - 802

A Guide on Shopping for Clothing Under 2500 NP
by cherishtwilight
Description: In the years since Neopia’s conception, the economy has gone through its ups and downs, and since my return I’ve discovered that more than a few of my wishlist wearables have become (dare I say it) affordable.

Week - 805

Do Not Donate Your Garbage: A Polite Suggestion
by cherishtwilight
Description: Polite suggestions for Neopians...

Week - 810

Mortally Challenged: Intern
by cherishtwilight
Description: Job hunting has taken a bit of a toll on me these past few months. I’ve been trying for internships to clinics all over Neovia, even sent some files to Neopia Central, and yet nothing comes up.

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