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Week - 789

Top 12 Favorite Avatars For Summer
by madiwoo
Description: I’m here to bring you an article about my Top 12 Favorite Avatars For Summer! Why just twelve you ask? Well, if I named every summer themed avatar and why I loved them we would be here all night.

Week - 790

Amazing Apparel For Your Aquatic Friends
by madiwoo
Description: We have provided ten Neopoint items and ten Neocash items to inspire you to create an amazing customization for your Neopet!

Also by somethingsosurreal

Week - 791

Ten Ways to Add Color to the Grey Faerie's Life
by somethingsosurreal
Description: Though some can find her depressing demeanor off-putting, I just see someone that could use a big of cheering up. So, of course, I decided to write something to inspire others to help bring color back to the Grey Faerie's world.

Also by madiwoo

Week - 797

Monochromatic Wardrobe: Blue
by madiwoo
Description: Hello, Neopia! Today I will be sharing my top blue Neopoint and Neocash wearables with you! Everything listed in this article will be at least 75% blue.

Week - 799

12 Favorite Spooky Avatars for Fall
by madiwoo
Description: If you enjoy taking trips to Haunted Woods for some frightful fun or just love anything spooky then this article is perfect for you.

Also by Lindsay

Week - 802

Monochromatic Wardrobe: Black
by madiwoo
Description: Black is the new black...

Also by teukieteukie and cavrylin

Week - 803

5 Stunning Halloween Costume Ideas
by teukieteukie
Description: Hello Neopia, and welcome to another installation of our yet untitled customization piece.

Also by madiwoo and cavrylin

Week - 809

Christmas in Moltara
by madiwoo
Description: This time of year, we are always presented with the traditional holiday images: snowmen, hot chocolate, roaring fireplaces and toasty chestnuts, carolers out in the snow, but sometimes, we forget that the holidays isn't all cold days, snowflakes, and getting bundled up until we resemble a small yeti everywhere.

Also by teukieteukie and cavrylin

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