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Week - 295

Taking Care of Your Walking Carpet
by jetaketa
Description: Brush him down every five to ten minutes, just to be extra safe. Make sure you get behind his horns, or he'll "Raaawwwwwrooooorggggh!" until the sun comes up.

Week - 740

Mystery Island Essential Vacation Guide
by jetaketa
Description: Summer is here and it's time for a vacation!! Let's run off the Mystery Island for an adventure!

Week - 742

Running A Successful Bakery
by jetaketa
Description: A Neopian guide to running the perfect bakery and sweets shop!

Week - 743

The Highs and Lows of Tyranu Evavu
by jetaketa
Description: A classic Neopian game, Tyranu Evavu will test your luck, your reasoning, and your patience. In this guide, we'll take a look into the history of the game, how it works, and how you can win millions (or, well...thousands. Tyrannians weren't know for being rich, prosperous people).

Week - 800

800+ Years In Neopia
by jetaketa
Description: A users guide to pre-historic Neopia, the land before we ever knew it!

Week - 807

A Hero's Journey: Part Two
by jetaketa
Description: Rupert stumbled on the shaky bridge that stretched the gap between firm, sturdy land and the rocking boat. The boat sported a rainbow sail that Rupert could only hope would last the full journey...

Week - 808

A Hero's Journey:Part Three
by jetaketa
Description: Rupert's whole body began to tense up as he saw the jolly roger flag, the symbol for piracy, approaching on the horizon.

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