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Week - 721

Secretly Available or Just Showing Off? The NCC Guide to “Not UFT” Lists
by rayoceanweaver
Description: Trading Neocash items can be a tricky business. The NCC (Neocash Chat) board is one of the friendliest places on the site, but the very nature of trading items that cost real money makes for frequently contentious issues. One of these issues is the existence of “not UFT”, or closet, lists.

Week - 730

Underoffering on the PC: Crime or Struggle?
by rayoceanweaver
Description: The Pound Chat (PC) is a scary place, to a newcomer it’s positively terrifying. Once you learn the lingo and get used to bumping with a smiley or full stop, you might be forgiven for thinking your trial ends there. “But wait!”, you hear the PC cry. What about… values?

Week - 806

Dice-a-WHO? #1
by rayoceanweaver
Description: Yum...snot...

Also by forever_be_us

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