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Week - 280

The Beginning of a Legend: The Story of Magax
by ilhs11
Description: "Hubrid... he... he made you drink a potion. It had a strange effect on you..."

Week - 562

What Lurks Below: Part One
by ilhs11
Description: It started out as just another day at the plushie factory. One of the managers was explaining to a group of dropouts how, if you shredded it just right, no one would know the difference...

Also by gwendarwen

Week - 563

What Lurks Below: Part Two
by ilhs11
Description: Then they just stopped. Geoff listened. Nothing. "It's standing right behind me," he thought.

Also by gwendarwen

Week - 577

A Friend in Deed
by ilhs11
Description: "The group project will be due in five weeks. Groups will be assigned on Friday. Remember, anyone who does not turn in a project will receive a zero for this class."

Also by gwendarwen

Week - 804

AAA and Abigails Astounding Race
by ilhs11
Description: AAA drummed his fingers on his desk. Bored! He was so bored. Impatiently, he looked at his calendar, counting the days left until Daily Dare started.

Week - 805

AAA and Abigails Astounding Race: Part Two
by ilhs11
Description: So if your opponent has passed first, the light will already be green! But at least you’ll know you’re going the right direction.

Week - 806

AAA and Abigails Astounding Race:Part Three
by ilhs11
Description: The queen laughed. “Oh! No need to worry, little one. You would be surprised at how often that happens!

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