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Week - 634

by catchinglights
Description: Gormos was a reasonably intelligent Kougra, but even he had to admit that he had no experience – and no idea where to start – building a brainwashing ray.

Week - 650

Runaway: Part One
by catchinglights
Description: A human girl who looked a few years older than Mike strode from inside the auction house while clutching a large, glass bottle carefully, but Toren noticed the impending collision too late...

Week - 651

Runaway: Part Two
by catchinglights
Description: The Lutari glanced over his shoulder nervously. What if Mike had chased him to try and take him back to the Pound?

Week - 652

Runaway: Part Three
by catchinglights
Description: With a grimace, the Lutari cracked open an eye. He was lying on his back staring up at a murky gray sky. May was leaning over him. She barked and licked his face again...

Week - 653

Runaway: Part Four
by catchinglights
Description: Bluish-gray waves slapped against the shore and the thick fog turned the piles of dark rocks and brush into indistinct blurs in the distance.

Except, one of those indistinct blurs was moving. Toren threw caution to the wind and ran...

Week - 654

Runaway: Part Five
by catchinglights
Description: He sat down on a rock, huffed a sigh, and put his face in his paws. His stomach growled so he tore one of the bananas free and devoured it. May had left no sign of where she had gone.

Week - 803

The Tremblay House
by catchinglights
Description: At the end of Fetch Close, just off Winding Woods Drive, stood the Tremblay House.

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At the end of Fetch Close, just off Winding Woods Drive, stood the Tremblay House.

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