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Week - 579

Picking A Gallery Theme (That's Actually Unique!)
by saiphami
Description: You've found it! The theme that will finally bring you the glory of the Gallery Spotlight, the dazzle of your unique theme too alluring to ignore. This triumph is short-lived, as you realize that somebody else has started an Apple gallery. What is there to do?

Week - 595

4 Goals to Stop Putting Off – and Start TODAY!
by saiphami
Description: Years go by and you're no closer to that avatar because you... haven't started. Why?

Week - 620

Beyond Themes: 4 Tips for the Gallery Spotlight
by saiphami
Description: There is so much more to think about when pursuing the Gallery Spotlight beyond just a theme.

Week - 659

Neopets Slump Solutions – Get Motivated Now!
by saiphami
Description: I've encountered a few "slumps" and I've figured out many strategies to overcome them. There are ways to get inspired or motivated to push forward or try new things...

Week - 677

Affordable Alternatives to 10 Expensive Petpets
by saiphami
Description: There are so many petpet species in Neopia with extravagant price tags, yet they are so irresistible... what is there to do?

Week - 704

The Ultimate Guide to your Neopets Portfolio
by synneblynn
Description: We've all seen them, lurked around in them, and admired them. We're talking about what seems to have become a staple for a lot of Neopians on the site: the portfolio! They've been around for several years now, and in many different variations. This article is a guide to those of you who want to create your own portfolio, or are just curious to know more!

Also by saiphami

Week - 786

Achieving the Impossible
by saiphami
Description: We all have one. That big, impossible dream that seems so beyond your reach that it’s in a completely different atmosphere. It’s so gargantuan that you don’t even know where to start, so you don’t.

Week - 794

On Cloud Nine: A Review of the Nine Airiest Desserts
by saiphami
Description: When it’s a warm summer’s day, and your head is in the clouds, you might find yourself wishing for something sweet...

Week - 800

A Neopian Celebration: 80 Milestones You Can Achieve
by saiphami
Description: 80 account milestones that every Neopets player can achieve, and how to accomplish them

Also by kayahtik

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