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Week - 451

The Secret of the Kiko Bandage
by peirigill
Description: Abhari had only a split-second to react, as he heard first a bump, then a THUD, then a sound like a Yooyuball being flattened. "Oof!"

Week - 479

A Lutari Dreams of Home
by peirigill
Description: But ever since the Red Lutari had returned from a trip exploring the skerries around Mystery Island, he seemed withdrawn, even sad...

Week - 486

The Citadel Quest: Part One
by peirigill
Description: It started out small at first. Just a tiny tickle in the throat, hardly noticeable. But now, Senhal lay in bed, delirious from fever, fighting for his life.

Week - 487

The Citadel Quest: Part Two
by peirigill
Description: Lord Darigan's castle, rising high on the mount like an iron first preparing to strike, cast a gloomy shadow across the whole of the Darigan Citadel.

Week - 488

The Citadel Quest: Part Three
by peirigill
Description: "You'll find, sir, that I am extremely skilled at reading people and anticipating their next move."

Week - 489

The Citadel Quest: Part Four
by peirigill
Description: Xucrão had saved Peican from injury, but at the cost of vaulting himself into the boobytrapped room...

Week - 490

The Citadel Quest: Part Five
by peirigill
Description: "For far too long, it has been Meridell's tragic failure to take rather than ask, to wage war rather than engage in fair trade."

Week - 498

Phidianne and the Five Hundredth Dubloon: Part One
by peirigill
Description: I didn't know Faerieland had fallen, of course. Out in the islands, the disappearance of the faeries hadn't affected us much at first.

Week - 499

Phidianne and the Five Hundredth Dubloon: Part Two
by peirigill
Description: 'Twas a dark day indeed for my uncle's ship, the Five Hundredth Dubloon...

Week - 500

Phidianne and the Five Hundredth Dubloon: Part Three
by peirigill
Description: "Third time's the charm," I thought, as my uncle's pirated schooner, the Five Hundredth Dubloon, sailed away...

Week - 531

Showdown at Brightness Reef: Part One
by peirigill
Description: With his azure and aquamarine swirls, the Flotsam seemed a giant skipping stone of living water. After a sudden backwards flip, he plunged below the surface. Moments later, in an explosion of aquatic grace, he burst forth from the depths...

Also by solsticesprite

Week - 532

Showdown at Brightness Reef: Part Two
by peirigill
Description: As a courier for the Peophinny Express, he had discovered signs of a new maractite vein in that remote underwater village. His task was to lead his team back to the volcanic reef and investigate.

Also by solsticesprite

Week - 533

Showdown at Brightness Reef: Part Three
by peirigill
Description: He had been moved by the Lutaris' purpose for seeking the maractite: to armor a ship with the water-resistant mineral so it could penetrate the Lutari Island storm and bring news and relief to that beleaguered land...

Also by solsticesprite

Week - 553

Putting the Band Back Together
by peirigill
Description: Your Neopets don't know how to play? No problem! Neopia's bookstores carry guides on how to perform most every kind of music imaginable.

Week - 568

Senhal's Spooky NeoQuest Story
by peirigill
Description: Pystry the Mutant Hissi stoked the campfire. With a loud pop and a crack the flames leapt up, briefly illuminating the happy faces of the shivering young campers.

Week - 605

Pystry's Elemental Odyssey: Part One
by peirigill
Description: "The Master wants to see you." 

Pystry the Mutant Hissi nodded in acknowledgement, then resumed straightening the tatami mats...

Week - 606

Pystry's Elemental Odyssey: Part Two
by peirigill
Description: "She's a beautiful vessel, isn't she?" Bizhiw sidled up to Pystry, who had been leaning over the ship's rail, entranced by the hypnotic expanse of seemingly endless ocean.

Week - 607

Pystry's Elemental Odyssey: Part Three
by peirigill
Description: "The Parrot?" blinked Pystry. "I thought that was some mythical creature, part Pawkeet, part Pirapet."

Week - 608

Pystry's Elemental Odyssey: Part Four
by peirigill
Description: His three adventures meeting experts in water, earth, and air had earned him 150 jelly beans so far, halfway to the 300 he needed. Finding an expert in fire had proved more challenging.

Week - 609

Pystry's Elemental Odyssey: Part Five
by peirigill
Description: "I feel like I finally have a handle on this Master Quest." He lifted his magic Pandaphant Doll and shook it gently, feeling the increased heft as it jingled with two hundred jelly beans.

Week - 610

Pystry's Elemental Odyssey: Part Six
by peirigill
Description: Pystry stretched his wings in the morning sun, full of confidence. The Mutant Hissi shook his Lucky Pandaphant Doll and gave a double smile at the satisfying clink of 250 Tropical Jelly Beans safe within.

Week - 615

Fort Nox: An Apshai Adventure
by peirigill
Description: Senhal gasped in horror. "The fiend! Is there no end to the depths to which he will stoop?"

Week - 650

Vadako and the Curse of Terror Mountain
by peirigill
Description: Based on my analysis of the Plateau's substructure, I've long hypothesised that the Tyrannian cave networks may connect to hitherto undiscovered tunnels below Terror Mountain...

Week - 654

Tsewil and the Hero's Path
by peirigill
Description: Rambling along the country lane that traversed his farm, Tsewil the Asparagus Chia shielded his eyes as he scanned the fields.

Week - 666

Sjörén Earns His AAA Rating
by peirigill
Description: "And we're not returning your lucky controller until you do," interjected Lulu. "And don't even think about using your hidden backup controllers and control pads. I found them all."

Week - 676

Garjan's Borrowed Time
by peirigill
Description: Garjan could not believe how ungrateful Pystry was being. Apparently this benighted Mutant Hissi didn't realize that the opportunity to assist someone of Garjan's eminence was a privilege he didn't lightly bestow.

Week - 715

Anneslace and the Imposter Apple
by peirigill
Description: Anneslace bolted upright in her bed. “A Krawkadon? In the galley? I told Sam he could get a nice, sedate Plathydon, not a Krawkadon.” She paused. “How much… how much food is left?”

Week - 750

Beyond 750
by peirigill
Description: A medieval darkness shrouded the fields of Meridell. In the cottage, two eyes blinked open, followed by two more. The twin heads of Pystry, a Mutant Hissi, blinked at one another, shaking off sleep. Pystry smiled. It was going to be a good day. Today marked the fruition of countless hours of training.

Week - 752

Hypostasis Finds His New Haunts
by peirigill
Description: “Your mission, Mr. Hypostasis, is to reinforce the Kingdom of Maraqua’s hegemony over the undersea communities, beginning with Brightness Reef.”

Week - 772

Anneslace Gets the Royal Treatment
by peirigill
Description: Most of my crew don’t insist on turning their free time into professional development, but that’s why we love you, Anneslace.

Week - 777

Csilla Pushes Her Luck
by peirigill
Description: In a world filled with Random Events, how is a Neopet to cope?

Also by solsticesprite

Week - 794

Xucrão Shoots the Breeze
by peirigill
Description: Hurling yourself off the Darigan Citadel into the buffeting winds... what could possibly go wrong?

Week - 800

Frimdy Cranks the Heat to 800
by peirigill
Description: In a world of unlimited toppings, how can you make your pizza innovative?

Also by solsticesprite

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