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Week - 719

How to Win the Poetry Competition
by flustre
Description: I see you’re here because you want to know how you can get your poem submitted to the Poetry Competition! There are so many wondrous things in Neopia to explore and write about, and so many hilarious and heart-warming poems to read, so of course it’s difficult to not want to write your very own poem!

Week - 720

The Abominable Snowstorm
by flustre
Description: Hey! What happened here?!

Week - 747

Visiting Coltzan's Shrine
by flustre
Description: We're in Neopia Central...

Week - 748

Waiting for the Tooth Faerie
by flustre
Description: *CRACK*

Week - 749

Top 12 Seasonal Avatars
by flustre
Description: Hello, and welcome to my seasonal avatar guide which shows you some of the best avatars to sport during each season! What better way to celebrate Autumn than with spooky and ghostly Halloween-related avatars? Or if you don’t want to take that route, how about an Autumn-related avatar with a cozy feel?

Week - 753

Evening Grogginess?
by flustre
Description: Well, back to bed I guess!

Week - 754

How Elvin Got His Bandages
by flustre
Description: That's the second time!

Week - 757

First Kadoatie Feed
by flustre
Description: Off to play games I go...

Week - 759

by flustre
Description: Maybe because that's actually poisonous jelly...

Week - 800

What’s the Occasion?
by flustre
Description: It was a chilly September day in the town of Neopia. Leaves were rustling in the wind, the sun was just about to start setting, and the smell of warm cocoa filled the autumn air.

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