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Week - 657

Osmious's Paint-staking Research
by ag1228l
Description: Okay, Osmious thought. The paint comes out fast when I activate the brush, but I've done this before. I just have to work quickly.

Week - 679

The Harris Conundrum
by ag1228l
Description: I was sitting on a bench one day, just minding my own business, trying to see if I could teach Pip a few tricks.

Week - 783

So Much Lunch
by ag1228l
Description: The gears in Tazmir's head hummed to life as he woke from his slumber.

Week - 798

The Poossession: Part one
by ag1228l
Description: Huval stared at the ruins of his town in horror. Every home had been ransacked, and most of them were missing several valuables.

Week - 799

The Poossession: Part Two
by ag1228l
Description: Leowinn wasn't sure she should help, since she had scared Collux off in the first place...

Week - 800

The Poossession: Part Three
by ag1228l
Description: The more in sync we are, the more believable we'll be.

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