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Week - 782

Neopet Puns: Red Hot Chia Peppers!
by keeperbaby
Description: Ahhhh!

Week - 783

Neopet Puns: Don't have a Hissi Fit!
by keeperbaby
Description: Calm down!

Week - 784

by keeperbaby
Description: Gives a new meaning to Hot Chocolate...

Week - 787

Holy Kau, Don't have a Kau Man!
by keeperbaby
Description: Happy Kau Day!

Week - 788

Fountain of Youth, Forever Young
by keeperbaby
Description: Forever young!

Week - 789

by keeperbaby
Description: Go to Kelp!

Week - 790

Mr. Coconut Has Spoken!
by keeperbaby
Description: Good night!

Week - 792

Smug as a Bug
by keeperbaby
Description: Muahaha

Week - 799

Staff Appreciation
by keeperbaby
Description: Just a little love for the Staff at Neopets!

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