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Week - 706

The Truth About Mutants
by goldensif
Description: Well, that was not as planned.

Week - 708

Ten Trophies to Try for When the high Score Tables Reset
by goldensif
Description: Whether you're a collector and hoping to add a few new trophies to your collection or you are just wanting to improve your account with a few extras, these eight games should always be on your to do list each reset (if you have not already won them).

Week - 721

See, This Is Not Boring
by goldensif
Description: Ugh, I made the wrong choice.

Week - 726

Visiting the Snowager Logic
by goldensif
Description: Don't be greedy.

Week - 733

Be Extreme
by goldensif
Description: You need a hobby.

Week - 737

YYB - The Disadvantage of Being the Opposing Team
by goldensif
Description: This is just getting ridiculous.

Week - 740

The Wheel Of Not So Much Excitement.
by goldensif
Description: Who determines spectacular exactly?

Week - 742

The Lab Ray Fear
by goldensif
Description: Was it something I said?

Week - 744

Life's Tough in the Kadoatery
by goldensif
Description: Take it!

Week - 745

Look On The Bright Side
by goldensif
Description: Is that really a bright side?

Week - 799

Food shop logic
by goldensif
Description: I'll take one bottle, two bottles, three bottles four?

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