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Week - 588

Can Kadoaties Read?
by sergente__hartmann
Description: My name is Jayne. I'm a Kadoatie.

It took me months to learn to associate words and signs on paper; several weeks of looking around me, trying to figure out what those black marks on the walls of my little cage mean.

Week - 606

A Zen Guide To An Evil Game: Spacerocked!
by sergente__hartmann
Description: Here I am to shed light on the subject, as well as giving out some tips to achieve a score good enough to collect that cool new avatar.

Week - 629

by sergente__hartmann
Description: Objects discarded: 0

Week - 636

by sergente__hartmann
Description: Robot Chias and bad puns spice up Ellsworth's vacation.

Week - 645

Altador Cup: Choosing the Team On Historical Basis
by sergente__hartmann
Description: This article aims to help the players to choose their team according to their AC history.

Week - 651

Neoquest II Insane Fashion (ep. 1)
by sergente__hartmann
Description: Hey Mipsy, you OK?

Week - 652

Neoquest II Insane Fashion (ep. 2)
by sergente__hartmann
Description: I still can't believe...

Week - 673

The Great Stuntroo
by sergente__hartmann
Description: I am the Great Stuntroo. I am a Blumaroo. I do stunts.

Week - 696

Can't Argue With That
by deasilenziosa
Description: But really... How?

Art by deasilenziosa

Written by sergente__hartmann

Week - 709

A Faerie's Woes
by hikariyugi_yamiatemu
Description: ...and now?

Idea by sergente__hartmann

Week - 750

Episode 2: Long-Gone Neopets
by hikariyugi_yamiatemu
Description: Why do I have to do this again?

Also by sergente__hartmann

Week - 751

Episode 3: Fyora
by hikariyugi_yamiatemu
Description: Where is that stupid window?

Also by sergente__hartmann

Week - 797

Ill for Good: part 1 - Floppy Tongue
by sergente__hartmann
Description: Did it work?

Also by cherokee165

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