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Week - 473

Tooth Ache
by the_gecko_dude_ii
Description: It's simple, really...

Week - 487

Tooth Aches #2
by the_gecko_dude_ii
Description: Any loose teeth?

Week - 700

700 Wishes
by the_gecko_dude_ii
Description: The past few weeks had been long and hard. Her tired eyes and defeated posture earned some sympathy from the charming Shoyru, who had placed a large drink in front of the young lady, rather than the small she had ordered. The girl hadn’t even noticed.

Week - 738

A Bright Moon, Some Rolling Hills, And Infinity
by the_gecko_dude_ii
Description: The sky was dark, but distant stars twinkled alongside a full and bright Kreludor moon, giving a pretty sight for two blithe Neopets to gaze at while they lay side by side among rolling grassy hills. They claimed these benevolent hills as their own as they often came to them to gaze at stars, watch a sunrise, or to pick flowers.

Week - 794

Cotton Candy Clouds
by the_gecko_dude_ii
Description: Etzie slammed the cupboard door shut. “No, I’m really not. We split rent for this place down the middle and you do nothing but sit in your room all day or laze around on the couch and eat pizza, which, of course you don’t clean up!”

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