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Week - 720

Orvinn the First Rate
by shadowlugia_92
Description: Poor choices mate.

Also by murillion.

Week - 721

Gaining a Level in NeoQuest
by shadowlugia_92
Description: How about not so loud next time?

Also by murillion

Week - 722

Why Kads Pend Forever
by shadowlugia_92

Also by murillion

Week - 723

Too Many Collars
by murillion
Description: Uhh, he did it?

Also by shadowlugia_92.

Week - 725

Why Kads Pend Forever -- Epilogue
by shadowlugia_92
Description: What are they so upset for?

Also by murillion.

Week - 728

Getting a Picture with Kanrik
by shadowlugia_92
Description: Hey Master Thief can I get a picture with ya?

Also by murillion

Week - 730

A Visual Introduction to the Kadoatery
by shadowlugia_92
Description: It's tougher than it seems.

Also by murillion

Week - 732

Oh No
by shadowlugia_92
Description: Uh, nevermind.

Also by voudoo and murillion

Week - 734

Puny Arms
by shadowlugia_92
Description: See? A bit of training never hurt!

Also by murillion.

Week - 776

Adopt-A-Pteri Today
by shadowlugia_92
Description: Why Pteri's are great!

Also by ohmygirl

Week - 791

by shadowlugia_92
Description: So that's why they tell us to keep out!

Also by ohmygirl

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