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Week - 188

Water Woes
by karatekat285
Description: I'm scared!

Week - 223

Random Stories - Disadvantages of a Pink Lenny
by karatehuendchen
Description: Maybe you should think again about painting your Lenny pink...

Week - 227

Random Stories - What should you do if...
by karatehuendchen
Description: Here's the true version of the popular joke for King Skarl.

Week - 229

Random Storys - Mootix Madness
by karatehuendchen
Description: Remember: NEVER carry a Mootix longer than one year...

Week - 237

Random Storys - Do not play with fire
by karatehuendchen
Description: What the...! Is this Petpetpet REALLY on fire? o.O

Week - 254

Random Stories, Series 2 - A Pea's Life is Not Easy
by karatehuendchen
Description: Being a pea Chia has its downsides...

Week - 260

Random Stories - Series 2
by karatehuendchen
Description: Issue 2 - What a lucky day... or not.

Week - 271

10 Steps to Holiday Cheer
by karatemaster9
Description: Therefore, it is not only my privilege, but my duty, to outline 10 crucial steps a GCN like myself follows in order to spread the Holiday cheer.

Week - 273

Random Stories, Series 2 - Snowball Fight...?
by karatehuendchen
Description: What a weird variation of this game. Or did they just not understand the rules?

Week - 284

A Forgotten World
by karate_kirara
Description: Dear Diary,

More of my colony is being secretly captured and taken away. My friend Sir Tibbles vanished without a trace...

Week - 303

by karatefight
Description: Curiosity causes loud yelling and good luck.

Week - 350

Random Stories - Issue No.4 - "Demand and Demand"
by karatehuendchen
Description: Everyone knows that demand and demand make the price... err... wait!

Week - 789

Terror Mountain: The Perfect Summer Getaway
by karate
Description: If you’re still stuck at home and wanting to get away, here’s why you should plan your next summer trip to Terror Mountain!

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