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Week - 414

100 Kinds of Crazy - Thorns
by kouger233
Description: Why you never hug rashpids.

Week - 455

100 Kinds of Crazy- Fortune Cookie
by kouger233
Description: What happens during the Kyrii Mystic's lunch break.

Week - 466

100 Kinds of Crazy - The Faeries' Rain
by kouger233
Description: Rain. Not ruin.

Week - 511

100 Kinds of Crazy - Snowager
by kouger233
Description: Any fight can be one with a kitten.

Week - 706

Oopsy Daisy
by kouger233
Description: Watch where you pick!

Week - 755

What Can Be Found in the Woods
by kouger233
Description: How do people survive the Haunted Woods anyways? Who lives to tell the tale of their danger?

Week - 788

Cup Creeps
by kouger233
Description: Haunted Woods fans get excited easily. At least they're nice!

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