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Week - 772

Shellshock'd! REBORN: Part One
by krabbox
Description: He's baaaaack~ And out for revenge!

Week - 773

Shellshock'd! REBORN p2
by krabbox
Description: A perfect world...

Week - 774

Shellshock'd! REBORN p3
by krabbox
Description: Every season is pumpkin season!

Week - 775

Shellshock'd! REBORN p4
by krabbox
Description: It's almost time...

Week - 776

Shellshock'd! REBORN p5
by krabbox
Description: Ze plan is complete.

Week - 777

Shellshock'd! REBORN - Ending
by krabbox
Description: This world is under new...Management, so to speak.

Week - 780

Shadow of Evil p1
by krabbox
Description: Finding the perfect guardian.

Also by mucka33

Week - 781

Shadow of Evil p2
by krabbox
Description: A chance to prove himself.

Also by mucka33

Week - 782

Shadow of Evil p3
by krabbox
Description: You are under my control.

Also by mucka33

Week - 785

Ze Cool Kid - Introduction
by krabbox
Description: So cool, he doesn't really need an intro.

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