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Week - 514

Hit the Showers
by cyber1ofkakoradesert
Description: He had always believed in a clean victory.

Week - 519

You Won't Win
by cyber1ofkakoradesert
Description: "I guess I'll be going now, Nox," Magax whispered to the gravestone. He turned and started walking...

Week - 521

Challenges in Life
by cyber1ofkakoradesert
Description: "Zo, my dear," she had said, "the nicest things in life are earned, and not simply gotten."

Week - 528

A Day of Appreciation
by cyber1ofkakoradesert
Description: "Today, I shall visit Neopia," Sloth said to himself. "I shall visit and pick up the cake I want."

Week - 536

The Shamrock
by cyber1ofkakoradesert
Description: "What did Uncle Rowan send you this year, Kate?" Mom asked me. She was curiously looking at the little box.

Week - 580

Chef Hoban
by cyber1ofkakoradesert
Description: To all those who've worked in a kitchen, this is for you.

Week - 647

A Haunted Birthday
by cyber1ofkakoradesert
Description: It had been pretty quiet around the Haunted Woods lately...

Week - 656

Making History: A Haunted Victory
by cyber1ofkakoradesert
Description: The moment the referee blew the whistle, Krell knew the game was over.

Week - 683

The Palindrome of Thade
by cyber1ofkakoradesert
Description: The class room was quiet, almost an eerie quiet. I was sitting at my desk trying to solve the latest anagram book.

Week - 687

Millie's Monster: Part One
by cyber1ofkakoradesert
Description: The house looked spooky. Millie gazed at the ancient building; never had she seen a house so enormous. There must be a billion rooms in it! There were half a dozen windows in the front of the mansion alone.

Week - 688

Millie's Monster: Part Two
by cyber1ofkakoradesert
Description: It was bright and early, when Millie got up. Her parents were still asleep in the room down the hall, her nanny hadn’t arrived yet either. Millie stopped and looked at the grandfather clock that sat in the upstairs living area.

Week - 784

Captain Karen
by cyber1ofkakoradesert
Description: Why would an Heiress to one of the Largest Trading and stock Market business owners in Neopia want to sail away on a pirate ship?

Week - 785

Captain Karen: Part Two
by cyber1ofkakoradesert
Description: There were sounds of happy giggling and excited squeals. Soon enough, there was the sound of a violin come screeching to life.

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