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Week - 486

How Jhudora Celebrates Illusen Day
by theyellowrose
Description: While everyone is parading around happily, there is one person who does not enjoy this day. And that person is... Jhudora.

Also written by skyerandom301

Week - 489

Not-So Grey Day
by roxanna203
Description: What is this?

Also by theyellowrose

Week - 767

How Illusen Celebrates Jhudora Day
by theyellowrose
Description: Jhudora Day. Fourth day of the month of Awakening. Dark purple. Dark green. Evil cackle. Just pure, pure evil.

Week - 773

Be Careful What You Wish For...
by theyellowrose
Description: Well that was too easy

Also by frankie8492

Week - 777

How the Grey Faerie Celebrates Grey Day
by theyellowrose
Description: Before the Grey Faerie, named Baelia, was locked up, she was a completely different faerie! Thousands and thousands of years ago, Baelia was actually Baelia, the Happy Faerie!

Also by dissiechrissie

Week - 778

Trapped in Freaky Factory
by dissiechrissie
Description: Blobs. Small blobs, big blobs, ginormous blobs. Red blobs, blue blobs, yellow blobs. I imagine these are coloured as such to represent anger, sadness, and cowardice: All common feelings whilst trying to obtain the elusive Freaky Factory avatar.

Also by theyellowrose

Week - 779

Shy... bunny?
by _angel_852
Description: Well, okay then!

Also by theyellowrose

Week - 781

Faerie Cloud Racers Grey Day Edition
by theyellowrose
Description: I'm too sad for this...

Also by squishable

Week - 784

How Fyora Celebrates Fyora Day
by theyellowrose
Description: Everybody knows Fyora, she's the Faerie Queen of course!

Also by dissiechrissie

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