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Week - 767

A Beginners Guide to Restocking at Kayla’s Potions
by hectic_haley
Description: So you’ve read through countless restocking guides and you understand the system, but you still do not know where to start. Some guides have told you to start at the Book Store, others tell you to try the pharmacy. Maybe you were even told to try Fresh Food and Toy Shop. While these are all decent options, I am an advocate for Kayla’s potions.

Week - 768

Top Ten Neo Smilies
by hectic_haley
Description: Neopets has truly set the bar high for all of the internet; they have produced some epic new age Smilies.

Week - 770

Neopian Malls: An Outsiders Perspective
by hectic_haley
Description: This is my outsider’s take on what it’s like to be in a mall.

Week - 771

How to Get Your Petpet to Love You
by scechoi
Description: Stumped on making your petpet feel at home? We've got you covered!

Also by hectic_haley

Week - 772

Do Royals Make Good Leaders?
by hectic_haley
Description: While many royals lead quietly, there are some prominent faces in the royal community who have had to make decisions in times of crisis. While at the time their decisions may have been considered good, what does history say now? It’s time to examine an important question: do royals make good leaders?

Week - 777

Can you really get lucky at the Deserted Fairground?
by hectic_haley
Description: I will spend my day in the Deserted Fairground and play some of the most popular games, from there I’ll try to determine whether it’s about luck and chance or if it is rigged.

Also by _lindsayyy

Week - 780

A Trip to Meri Acres Farm
by hectic_haley
Description: After my last trip to the eerie Deserted Fairgrounds, I decided my next weekend trip needed to be a bit more comforting and in full daylight. This time I went off the beaten path in Meridell.

Week - 781

A Trip to Tyrannian Plateau
by hectic_haley
Description: In honor of the upcoming Tyrannian Victory Day, I decided to venture into the Plateau to experience the culture, the tastes, and the sites of Tyrannia.

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