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Week - 622

Math Based Tyranu Evavu Guide
by mazaii_3
Description: The odds will no longer be against you.

Week - 654

Kiko Lake: A Cultural Guide
by mazaii_3
Description: Kiko Lake is a community of (guess what?) Kikos living happily together...

Week - 700

Jhudora's Revenge
by mazaii_3
Description: Come on now, you know me better than that.

Week - 701

5 Thoughts on the Charity Corner
by mazaii_3
Description: She’s back! Granny Hopbobbin is BACK! Here we are my fellow Neopians for one more year of being kind and having a lot of fun with another edition of the Charity Corner event. Are you ready to make a good action? Let’s see how generous you can be!

Week - 730

The 7 "Don’ts" of Daily Dare
by mazaii_3
Description: Finally, Daily Dare is back. You waited that long and now you don’t want to miss a single moment, right? Of course it is! Let’s get to it!

Week - 731

How Well Do You Know Tyrannia?
by mazaii_3
Description: That’s definitely a day to be celebrated. However, in this guide I’m not discussing the war event itself, I’m trying to disseminate Tyrannia’s fascinating culture. Let’s get started!

Week - 775

by mazaii_3
Description: Since we cannot actually guess what to expect, I’ll tell you the coolest pranks that happened in previous years so you can keep your eyes wide open when the time comes.

Week - 777

Thoughts on Grey Day
by dragondancer007
Description: In this article, we'll talk about the meaning of Grey Day and analyze some aspects of it that aren't commonly explained. I believe that sadness, even though it brings negative emotions when it comes down on us, must be discussed.

Also by mazaii_3

Week - 778

by mazaii_3
Description: If you want to be a reputable writer in Neopia, you must understand the mechanics behind the Neopian Times.

Week - 779

by mazaii_3
Description: This week, or more specifically, on the 27th day of the Month of Eating, we celebrate Cybunny Day. It’s that one special day of year where everyone on Neopia takes a moment to come together and appreciate the companionship of those lovely pets that we call Cybunnies.

Also by dragondancer007

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