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Week - 498

Meepits: The Rulers of Neopia
by faeriequeenoffire
Description: Dear Neopia,

I have been doing research on Meepits...

Week - 502

A Guide to Island Chef Academy: Being the #1 Chef
by faeriequeenoffire
Description: Come play Island Chef Academy to see if you can be the next greatest chef!

Week - 531

A Guide to Time Tunnel: One Code at a Time
by faeriequeenoffire
Description: Welcome to the Time Tunnel! Gorix is looking for a way in and you need to help because what's inside may be the key to saving the Neoverse from Sloth's evil reign!

Week - 576

The Crazy Techo Fanatic: King of the Stadium
by faeriequeenoffire
Description: The Crazy Techo Fanatic, also known as the Techo Super-Fan as well as the Angry Techo, has made quite some noise in Neopia ever since his discovery in the Altador Cup.

Week - 577

A Guide to Freaky Factory: Working for Krelufun Ind.
by faeriequeenoffire
Description: So, Krelufun Industries has seen it fit to hire you, eh? The job assigned to you here is to produce Neopets miniatures for the company, and you better do it quickly!

Week - 598

Tales of NeoQuest II: Mipsy the Magnificent Magician
by faeriequeenoffire
Description: In Meridell, there is a town called White River City where, across a stuck bridge, a certain blue Acara sits and waits for something – but what that something is, she isn't entirely sure yet.

Week - 750

Weewoos: The Legend Behind The Myth
by faeriequeenoffire
Description: At dusk, when the last of Krawk Island's pirate inhabitants make their final rounds at the docks of Neopia's largest port, their song begins. The constant cry of the onomatopoeically named Weewoo fills the cool night air with a gentle but eerie sound. The melody can be heard all the way into the great waters as if bidding farewell to the late night travellers leaving their shores.

Week - 761

A Guide to Snow Wars II: Icy Snow Way Out
by faeriequeenoffire
Description: The Snow Beasts are coming, armed with their catapults and Lupe friends, and they're after your snowmen. What do you do? Declare the beginning of the Snow Wars, of course!

Week - 778

King Hagan: Brightvale's Shining Beacon
by faeriequeenoffire
Description: When he began this ritual all those years ago he never thought that with such an educated bunch of citizens he would still be left wanting in terms of wisdom but he was and still he sat here day after day waiting for the rare glimpse into knowledge that he still had not acquired.

Week - 779

A Guide to Berry Bash: The Grandest Bogen of All
by faeriequeenoffire
Description: Mystery Island has recently opened up a restaurant and needs the help of Rufus, the Grand Bogen, to make sure it's a big success.

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