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Week - 720

The Kadoatery: Hot Tips from Over Feeders
by alyndasgallery
Description: Wondering how you will ever achieve that adorable pink avatar? It's not as tricky as you might think, and this guide will give you some pretty great tips on how (and WHEN) to get started, including the best and worst times to feed those fussy critters.

Also by marbear_4u

Week - 725

Chia Day Madness
by brooklyn3223
Description: Big dreams my little friend

Also by marbear_4u

Week - 732

Darigan Breakball
by marbear_4u
Description: OW!

Also by vanillerrybeitje

Week - 750

Waiting to Win the Spotlight
by suspensiion
Description: Many years later...

Also by marbear_4u

Week - 752

Edna's Tricks
by suspensiion
Description: Ahhhhh!

Also by marbear_4u

Week - 765

Easiest Ways to Make Neopoints in Y19
by marbear_4u
Description: Have you ever wondered how people manage to go for their most wanted items? Perhaps you are also wanting to achieve that one dream pet you have always wished, but the paint brush is just out of your reach right now? Wondering how to make a decent amount of Neopoints around the sites every day?

Also by venom_creep

Week - 766

Bargain or Bust?
by marbear_4u
Description: I'm finally a Baby Aisha!

Also by sosuleaf

Week - 768

Valentine's Recipes To Melt Your Heart
by marbear_4u
Description: It's here, it's here, the most lovely day of the year! Here is a collection of my favorites for Valentine's Day.

Also by alyseth and sosuleaf

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