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Week - 717

Cleaning Up Neopia, One Avatar Attempt at a Time
by whssoftball11
Description: The Rubbish Avatar. It was released nearly 4 years ago on February 9, Y14. Yes, 4 years ago, and it is still uncommon to see it apart of someone’s avatar count. It’s one of those stubborn avatars. It’s a random avatar that has Neopians everywhere feeling frustrated.

Week - 740

Papa's Got Jokes
by whssoftball11
Description: Dad puns are the best puns

Also by Kevinthinksyourcute

Week - 742

Papa's Got Jokes - Gravity
by whssoftball11
Description: Papa thinks he's hilarious.

Also by kevinthinksyourcute

Week - 743

Open Mic Night
by whssoftball11
Description: I heard a rumour...

Also by kevinthinksyourcute

Week - 749

Snowager Hates Me
by whssoftball11
Description: He's not even born yet!

Also by kevinthinksyourcute

Week - 757

Web Developer
by whssoftball11
Description: It's what he was born to do.

Also by kevinthinksyourcute

Week - 763

That's Not Neocola
by whssoftball11
Description: This can't be happening..

Also by kevinthinksyourcute

Week - 765

A Lenny Conundrum
by whssoftball11
Description: It's quite the Lenny Conundrum

Also by kevinthinksyourcute

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