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Week - 718

A Thief's Life - NO CHEATING
by yoshisislandbandit
Description: For the love of Fyora...

Week - 720

A Thief's Life - Sidekicks
by yoshisislandbandit
Description: Some just aren't cut out for the job.

Week - 722

A Thief's Life - Eyebrows
by yoshisislandbandit
Description: Biyakos. So majestic.

Week - 732

Head in the Clouds: Altador Cup
by yoshisislandbandit
Description: Why would you pick Team Altador?

Week - 733

Head in the Clouds: Dress?
by yoshisislandbandit
Description: He just couldn't find a toga.

Week - 736

Head in the Clouds: Souvenir!
by yoshisislandbandit
Description: That's a souvenir you don't want to keep.

Week - 737

Head in the Clouds: Cup Antics
by yoshisislandbandit
Description: When glitches impede your team's victory.

Week - 740

Head in the Clouds: Beating the Heat
by yoshisislandbandit
Description: Your own personal swimming pool!

Week - 743

Head in the Clouds: Feeling Sketchy
by yoshisislandbandit
Description: Might wanna keep your mouth shut next time...

Week - 744

Undead Rising: Part One
by yoshisislandbandit
Description: It wasn’t long before Bernard came across a rather interesting gravestone that stood out among the rest of them...

Week - 745

Undead Rising: Part Two
by yoshisislandbandit
Description: Bernard and the Lenny stared at each other for a few moments before either of them reacted. The Lenny was not much to look at: tattered clothing and a ghostly tail replacing his legs, similar to most ghosts that wandered around. The amulet was the one thing that stood out on him…

Week - 746

Undead Rising: Part Three
by yoshisislandbandit
Description: Bernard coughed as smoke covered the area, filling his lungs and making his eyes water. What in the world was that?

“Confound it! Another potion failed…” A rather irritated voice came from inside the small hut. “I’d better air out the shack again. That smell is awful…”

Week - 748

Undead Rising: Part Five
by yoshisislandbandit
Description: “So do you think that Edward could be the Sun Warrior?” Zeena poked gently at Edward’s amulet, causing the Lenny to flinch a little and pull away. Fyora closed the book, handing it to Bernard. “Whether or not that is true remains to be seen. You must take the amulet to Altador to speak with Jerdana."

Week - 749

Undead Rising: Part Six
by yoshisislandbandit
Description: “Eww, what are we doing in a crypt?” Zeena complained, swiping at the various cobwebs that hung from the ceiling. The Wocky was right, Bernard agreed, this place was creepy and gross… what on earth could they possibly be doing here?

Week - 750

Undead Rising: Part Seven
by yoshisislandbandit
Description: Bernard felt a chill run down his spine. Whoever that voice was, it didn’t sound good. Edlun’s expression looked like that of one before he was about to slay a vicious beast. He clenched his fists, drawing his blade and shield as two small figures walked into the room.

Week - 751

Undead Rising: Part Eight
by yoshisislandbandit
Description: “Are you ready?” Edlun grasped the amulet in his wing, ready to remove it and give it to Bernard. Bernard nodded, holding his hands out ready to accept the amulet. Edlun slowly removed the golden amulet from around his neck, as his form began to fade into the sunlight.

Week - 746

A Mutant's Best Friend
by yoshisislandbandit
Description: He was so tired of being made a spectacle of. Mutants were so outcast these days...

Week - 753

Head in the Clouds: Usuki!
by yoshisislandbandit
Description: Just restocking, I swear!

Week - 754

Unpopular, Yet Favorited Games Across Neopia
by yoshisislandbandit
Description: Bored with Kass Basher? Tired of Meerca Chase? How about a different game for a change of pace?

Week - 755

Head in the Clouds: Halloween Edition
by yoshisislandbandit
Description: Oh yeah, real scary.

Week - 756

Head in the Clouds: The Perfect Petpet Pt. 1
by yoshisislandbandit
Description: I don't need a petpet!

Week - 757

Head in the Clouds: The Perfect Petpet Pt. 2
by yoshisislandbandit
Description: You've got to be kidding.

Week - 758

Head in the Clouds: The Perfect Petpet Pt. 3
by yoshisislandbandit
Description: This is ridiculous!

Week - 759

Head in the Clouds: The Perfect Petpet Pt. 4
by yoshisislandbandit
Description: You're just annoying!

Week - 760

Head in the Clouds: The Perfect Petpet Pt. 5
by yoshisislandbandit
Description: Your name is Dark Pit, right?

Week - 761

Head in the Clouds: The Perfect Petpet Pt. 6
by yoshisislandbandit
Description: Watch your tone, kid.

Week - 762

Head in the Clouds: The Perfect Petpet Pt. 7
by yoshisislandbandit
Description: What the-

Week - 763

Head in the Clouds: The Perfect Petpet Pt. 8
by yoshisislandbandit
Description: Well, that's something you don't see everyday.

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