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Week - 268

Darkest Corner: Dig-dig-digging!
by dark_elfa
Description: Depressed pets in slow motion at work...

Idea by mzkimmi

Week - 269

Darkest Corner
by dark_elfa
Description: This is what happens when your owner is a weird-stuff collector.

Idea by mzkimmi

Week - 276

Volcano Run II - In-Depth Guide
by mzkimmi
Description: So, you're desperate to help Glubgar to find his way out of the pickle he’s gotten himself into this time in the return of Volcano Run, are you?

Week - 282

A Mysterious Fishing Trip
by mzkimmi
Description: "What's all this?" I asked, somewhat pensively. Around the room were some packets of what appeared to be tiny fish. There were sunscreen, a blanket, a picnic basket, hats, and – oh no. There were fishing poles!

Week - 295

The REAL Petpet Rescue
by mzkimmi
Description: She pulled out a blue Gnorbu wool jumper, a Flotsam sweater, wool gloves, and some Kacheek ear muffs. What in the world was all this?

Week - 330

How TNT Comes Up With Ideas For Petpet Colours
by mzkimmi
Description: Uh oh.

Art by yellowsugardog

Week - 332

A Tiki Tale: Color or Companion? - Part One
by mzkimmi
Description: Cutting her off, her owner stated firmly, "Tiki, we've talked about this. It's not so much that I don't want to buy you a Kadoatie..."

Week - 333

A Tiki Tale: Color or Companion? - Part Two
by mzkimmi
Description: It was a gorgeous day; the storm from the previous day seemed to have passed. It was definitely a perfect day to begin the plan...

Week - 334

A Tiki Tale: Color or Companion? - Part Three
by mzkimmi
Description: Siyana began to wail loudly. Several people stared at them, some walking away to find seats in other stands...

Week - 335

A Tiki Tale: Color or Companion? - Part Four
by mzkimmi
Description: How unfair it was, she thought - that the weather should be so perfect, when the world was such an unhappy place for her right now!

Week - 350

Happy 350th Issue! *chomp*
by mandellababe
Description: la la la...

Idea by mzkimmi

Week - 761

Neopet suggestions that make you go o_O
by mzkimmi
Description: Maybe you should be studying intelligence instead...

Also by yellowsugardog

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