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Week - 556

Little Wings, Big Feet
by gorubeza
Description: Being a Darigan JubJub is NOT easy!

Week - 572

My Top 10 Darigan Pets
by gorubeza
Description: Sharp claws, flowing manes, and flashing red eyes... How can you resist???

Week - 580

Top 10 Winter Avatars
by gorubeza
Description: These avatars are the coolest of cool... You can be too!

Week - 603

The Best Thing About Team Virtupets
by gorubeza
Description: Self-explanatory, no?

Week - 607

My Top 10 Summer Avatars
by gorubeza
Description: Don't like the cold? No worries! Bring on the heat with these beauties!

Week - 619

An Interview with a Pteri and his Owner
by gorubeza
Description: A Pteri Day Special!

Also by mucka33

Week - 633

The Adventures of Zarugene and Dunestar: Part 1
by gorubeza
Description: Grave...

Coloring and thumbnail by mucka33

Week - 634

The Adventures of Zarugene and Dunestar: Part 2
by gorubeza
Description: Grrrr!

Coloring and thumbnail by mucka33

Week - 636

The Adventures of Zarugene and Dunestar: Part 3
by gorubeza
Description: An adorable ending!

Coloring and thumbnail by mucka33

Week - 645

Z, The Dark Tonu Knight
by gorubeza
Description: Starring Black_Knight_Zero_00 the Tonu! Z belongs to horntailz.

Week - 668

Zaru's School of Tearror- Part 1
by gorubeza
Description: Education is scary... especially when your teacher is an evil Kiko.

Week - 688

Lord Dark Noirgus' concert- In a Nutshell
by gorubeza
Description: Ah, music to my ears

Week - 693

Interview with the Darkest Knight
by gorubeza
Description: The Darkest Knight is not a very well known character, but I'm here to shed some light on him!

Week - 714

#LDN - Introduction
by gorubeza
Description: An introduction to the evil Kiko known as the Dark Lord of Nightmares...

Week - 715

#LDN - Plan
by gorubeza
Description: The plan unfolds...

Week - 723

#LDN - Leave
by gorubeza
Description: Leaving the place he once ruled...To fulfill his destiny.

Week - 724

#LDN - Fame
by gorubeza
Description: Fame and fortune await him...But who is this visitor and why are they here?

Week - 738

#LDN - Invasion
by gorubeza
Description: When the Master's away, the Twin will play.

Week - 760

Shellshock'd! p1
by gorubeza
Description: A new realm with a new ruler...

Week - 761

#LDN - Christmas Special
by gorubeza
Description: The Nightmare Before Christmas, AKA: Lord Dark Noirgus

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