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Week - 703

Five Avatar Collecting Pitfalls
by gumgum101230
Description: In this article, I will take you through the five most common problems I have seen collectors face—problems that I have run into multiple times along my journey, and that I continue to face. For each problem, I will offer a solution that I have found to be consistently successful. If you keep these points in mind, you too can achieve the Avatar Collector Avatar!

Week - 711

One Last Game
by gumgum101230
Description: The three by three grid of raised stone squares was mocking me at this point. It was clearly a puzzle, as there were dozens of other identical puzzles scattered throughout Neoquest III. But with those other puzzles there was usually a cipher, or a scroll with a hint, or something that would help you figure out the answer. I had scoured the entire area looking for anything that could tell me the answer to the puzzle, but to no avail.

Week - 730

Petpet Doppelgangers
by gumgum101230
Description: The resemblance is uncanny!

Week - 736

Old Lupe Balthazar
by gumgum101230
Description: How had it come to this? Balthazar thought as he scraped the dried pumpkin off of his fence. A few years ago, he would have chased those pets off of his lawn without a second thought.

Week - 741

Holiday Cheer
by gumgum101230
Description: The problem with Christmas neopets!

Week - 749

The Not-So-Great Terror Mountain Expedition
by gumgum101230
Description: Every second we climbed, I wanted to turn back. But I couldn’t let Kyle know that. He was always about adventure: the danger, the risk, the reward. The unknown.

Week - 750

Scene from the Gormball Championship
by gumgum101230
Description: It's that time of year again!

Week - 758

The Daily Grind
by gumgum101230
Description: Now I feel a little depresso.

Week - 759

Big Trouble in Little Usukiland
by gumgum101230
Description: The last space in my collection goes to...

Week - 760

Month of Celebrating Winter Clothing Guide
by gumgum101230
Description: Price guide to help you pick the best winter clothing for your neopet!

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