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Week - 432

Phosphofructokinase Diaries
by parody_ham
Description: Ever get the feeling you are missing something?

Week - 468

A Neopian's Guide to Destruct-o-Match III
by parody_ham
Description: Are those pesky blocks starting to drive you crazy? This guide can help!

Week - 474

Phosphofructokinase Diaries: Faeriely Ironic
by parody_ham
Description: What would have happened if the bottled faeries had turned to stone?

Idea by black_skull725

Week - 476

An Essential Guide to Owning Darigan Petpets
by parody_ham
Description: "The absolute most important thing you must remember when working with Darigan petpets is..."

Week - 490

Five Years Later
by futuremrsharrypotter
Description: Who knew?

Idea by parody_ham

Week - 516

Sharing The Quill
by black_skull725
Description: Quoth the White Weewoo, "One Quill. Two Neopians. Three C's to consider!

Also by parody_ham

Week - 531

Being Stylishly Evil: Customizing Darigan Pets
by parody_ham
Description: Whoever knew customizing Darigan pets could be so easy?

Week - 556

Reflections from a Neopian Times Author
by parody_ham
Description: Join me (and the White Weewoo crew) as we reflect on my journey as a Neopian writer!

Week - 565

The ENVI's Guide to Better Quality Villains
by parody_ham
Description: The Evil Neopian Villain's Institute is now offering free evil genius lessons!

Week - 567

Dare to Scare: A Neopian Fashion Guide
by parody_ham
Description: A guide to looking your finest during the spookiest time of year!

Also by dr_tomoe

Week - 590

The Star of Paradise
by parody_ham
Description: "Some call me a thief—and I am—but those who know me best call me 'The Star of Paradise'..."

Week - 607

Of Pirates and Pranks: Part One
by parody_ham
Description: Sometimes, even the funniest pranks can go a bit too far...

Week - 608

Of Pirates and Pranks: Part Two
by parody_ham
Description: By the time the duo made it to their cushioned seats, the game was already 1-0, Krawk Island in the lead. Vickles picked out the VIP section when he spotted many finely dressed Neopians...

Week - 609

Of Pirates and Pranks: Part Three
by parody_ham
Description: "Well, guys, it looks like we'll be facing our greatest rivals today." The Gelert's ears flopped to the side, his face worn.

Week - 610

Of Pirates and Pranks: Part Four
by parody_ham
Description: The second the whistle blew, both left forwards, Vickles and Hawkshanks, darted for the Yooyu. They both tried to scoop up the Petpet, but Hawkshanks made it first.

Week - 608

Chadley's Challenge
by parody_ham
Description: He's so dreamy! *swoons*

Week - 614

Lisha's Lament
by parody_ham
Description: Sometimes sacrifices are more than worth it to save the ones you love...

Week - 618

Enhancing Your Halloween with Super-SCIENCE!
by parody_ham
Description: For SCIENCE!

Co-written by my twin brother, homsar_eggplant

Week - 623

Plight of the Fallen
by parody_ham
Description: On a day when two fortresses still claimed the Neopian skies, there came time for an urgent meeting. While mechanized gears chugged their solemn songs within the Citadel's boiler room, a council of twenty sat in a shuttered room near Darigan's private chambers.

Week - 625

A Shopper's Guide to Malevolent Merriment
by parody_ham
Description: Brought to you by the Evil Neopian Villain's Institute: bringing holiday fear since year 14.

Week - 630

The Editor's Quill
by parody_ham
Description: Editing is a difficult skill to master, but an important skill to have.

Co-written and thumbnail by cosmicfire918

Week - 631

The Price of Premium
by nativsis
Description: SPLAT!

Also by parody_ham

Week - 634

Neopians Claim Oracle is Evil
by parody_ham
Description: This morning, the oracle of the obelisk was sighted doing "something suspicious."

Also by homsar_eggplant

Week - 643

Caught Between Kingdoms: Part One
by parody_ham
Description: The longest war ever known in the citadel's history had finished three years prior. Since then, apparent peace had been made between the warring factions, Darigan Citadel and the far away kingdom of Meridell.

Week - 644

Caught Between Kingdoms: Part Two
by parody_ham
Description: "Ugh," he muttered in a high, squeaky voice that resembled the incessant meowing of "Scruffles," a Darigan Angelpuss that frequented the Lord's chambers.

Week - 645

Caught Between Kingdoms: Part Three
by parody_ham
Description: For the slightest inkling of a moment, Setarian almost felt sorry for those Meridellians. The rumbling of his stomach seemed to agree with his pity; now, he also suffered.

Week - 646

Caught Between Kingdoms: Part Four
by parody_ham
Description: Hours of non-stop traveling took quite a toll on Setarian. Still, rest no longer seemed like a priority, only survival.

Week - 647

Caught Between Kingdoms: Part Five
by parody_ham
Description: "No, I'm not," the child called Setarian shouted, "and you'll see. One day, I'll be in the army. Then we'll see who's trash."

Week - 648

Caught Between Kingdoms: Part Six
by parody_ham
Description: "Jeran told me that no Meridellian would claim you as their kid and... it made me sad. No one should be alone, Serian..."

Week - 649

Caught Between Kingdoms: Part Seven
by parody_ham
Description: Setarian spun away at the last second and held the sword as he normally would have: "Too high." With all the force he could muster, the former Darigan swatted away Jeran's sword.

Week - 650

Caught Between Kingdoms: Part Eight
by parody_ham
Description: "Of all the situations I've trained for, nothing could prepare me for this." The knight's voice quivered. "And yet..."

Week - 652

Caught Between Kingdoms: Part Nine
by parody_ham
Description: Skarl bared his teeth, but Setarian continued to shout. "He was right all along. You are nothing but a hateful tyrant!"

Week - 653

Caught Between Kingdoms: Part Ten
by parody_ham
Description: "Don't change topics on me, Setarian. I know what you are doing."

Hearing his real name seemed almost unnatural. It took a few seconds to regain his composure.

Week - 655

Caught Between Kingdoms: Part Eleven
by parody_ham
Description: A gust of wind pushed up on his wings, sudden and fierce. It kept him from crashing into the gardens below, but just barely.

Week - 656

Caught Between Kingdoms: Part Twelve
by parody_ham
Description: "Kass!" he shouted, barrel rolling away from a projectile. "Face me. Face me, you coward!"

Week - 651

Mud Coffee
by goron0000
Description: We do this every day. It's getting expensive.

Idea by parody_ham

Week - 654

It Takes a Hero
by parody_ham
Description: On a quiet, ordinary summer's day, a white Usul sat crossed-legged at the library's circulation desk...

Week - 657

Dear Lisha
by parody_ham
Description: "It's our little secret! Isn't that fun?"

Week - 664

Caught Between Kingdoms: The Aftermath
by parody_ham
Description: Almost a month had passed since the day Meridell was attacked by Lord Kass. Even now, most of the fair city lay in ruins...

Week - 667

Halloween Woes
by parody_ham
Description: This needs to stop happening every year...

Illustrated by brenda_bbm

Week - 668

How to Survive the Brightvale University Dining Hall
by parody_ham
Description: Before you pick up those (very heavy) textbooks, there is something you should know: beware the dining hall.

Week - 669

Off-Season Life: Day Jobs
by fhujmasterofhedgehog
Description: Here's your ice cream.

Written by parody_ham

Week - 670

Neopian Public Speaking 101
by parody_ham
Description: The most important thing is to believe in yourself. No one in the room is going to know the material better than you do.

Week - 674

The Perfect Gift
by fhujmasterofhedgehog
Description: Sometimes the perfect gift isn't what it seems.

Written by parody_ham

Week - 676

Heroes from the Other Side: Part One
by parody_ham
Description: "How is the king, Sir Pendleton?"

"Not well, Lord Kass. I daresay he has been captured."

Week - 677

Heroes from the Other Side: Part Two
by parody_ham
Description: "Kanrik, is that you? Why do you stealth from the greatest heroes this Neopia has ever known?"

Week - 688

Interview with The Cup Player
by parody_ham
Description: It’s Altador Cup time in Neopia! For the thousands of fans who attend, this month is the best part of the year. But what do our players think of the fanbase? I, Haibara, have set out to interview players from each team and ask their opinions.

Week - 690

Just Like Old Times
by parody_ham
Description: The Neopian Times is far more than just a newspaper!

Week - 693

Phosphofructokinase Diaries: Inspiration
by parody_ham
Description: Feeling inspired?

Week - 699

Turning Pages: Part One
by warriorsrock965
Description: The figure, cloaked in a fine black suit, wriggled his nose slightly while pushing the golden-rimmed monocle higher against his brow. Red ribbon lined the brim of his top hat and a cane rest snugly against his short, stubby, pink paws.

Also by parody_ham

Week - 700

Turning Pages: Part Two
by warriorsrock965
Description: A collective of sounds echoed about the room. Such a chorus of ‘ahs’ could only be compared to the pure delight of watching a rocket blast off to Kreludor for the very first time. A few of them even brushed their hands over the machine, taking note of its polished surface and pristine metal keys.

Also by parody_ham

Week - 701

Turning Pages: Part Three
by warriorsrock965
Description: “I a-assure you, g-good lady, your daughter is ab-absolutely fine.” Sir Alberts continuously pulled at his collar, causing it to wrinkle. He was shaking, not necessarily because of fear, but because of the quaking of a much larger Krawk above him. Each pounding step sent shockwaves rumbling from beneath his feet.

Also by parody_ham

Week - 702

Turning Pages: Part Four
by warriorsrock965
Description: “Danger?!” Genevieve grabbed Alberts by the collar, dangling him in midair. The Meepit struggled furiously, squirming silently in her grasp. Only when a Lupe wearing black spats—one of the few from the tour group that remained—grasped her arm did the tour guide fall to the ground.

Also by parody_ham

Week - 703

Turning Pages: Part Five
by warriorsrock965
Description: Stephanie woke slowly, blinking her eyes to adjust to the near darkness surrounding her. Where am I? Her head ached as she took in the sight. It was a large empty, field. Everything else was gone. How did I get here?

Also by parody_ham

Week - 704

Turning Pages: Part Six
by warriorsrock965
Description: Stephanie backed away from Magis Magister, tightening her grip on Sir Alberts. “What do you mean the story was already written?”

Also by parody_ham

Week - 715

Conspiracy Files of Brightvale University #1
by parody_ham
Description: Trust no one.

Week - 718

Scientific Highlights: The Crokabek
by parody_ham
Description: Little is known about a majority of the Petpet species living in Neopia. For some, such as the Crokabek, this knowledge gap is particularly large. What is considered common knowledge in terms of their biology, including that of their disease vector status is, at best, a partial truth.

Week - 719

Happy UN-Valentine's Day
by chasing_stars44
Description: For all you grumps out there! You know who you are!

Also by parody_ham

Week - 720

Beauty Contest Blues
by waterbird333
Description: "Um... I think the Beauty Contest avatar was released."

Also by parody_ham

Week - 721

Hard Working
by petpet_92_24
Description: Or hardly working?

Also by parody_ham

Week - 722

Eclectic Antics: Winter
by amarettoball
Description: We all have that one friend.

Also by parody_ham

Week - 723

Eclectic Antics: Illusen's Marketing
by amarettoball
Description: Being tiny is an everyday struggle.

Also by parody_ham

Week - 726

Wraithland is Misunderstood: Entering Aiopen
by parody_ham
Description: You won't believe what we saw in Wraithland...

Also by homsar_eggplant.

Week - 729

Eclectic Antics: Lever of Doom
by amarettoball
Description: Avatar collectors are not mad. Okay, maybe a little.

Also by parody_ham

Week - 737

Sunny Side Up: Team Spirit
by amarettoball
Description: The AC commentators have surprisingly poor observational skills.

Also by parody_ham

Week - 738

The Long Road
by parody_ham
Description: My family screamed for me when President Evergreen called my name: Melody Harvester.

Week - 740

Once Upon a Memory
by parody_ham
Description: It all seems like such a long time ago—ironic, really, given that we live hundreds of years in the past now.

Week - 752

Make Your Own Undead Army with F.V. Shmoobenduffle!
by parody_ham
Description: In this guide, you too can learn the essentials of ruling your own army of the awakened dead.

Also by homsar_eggplant.

Week - 753

Artful Interviews with F.V. Shmoobenduffle
by parody_ham
Description: You came back, I knew you would.

Also by my delightfully weird twin brother, homsar_eggplant.

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