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Week - 712

A Kadtacular Christmas
by brooklyn3223
Description: Vinny pressed his nose into the glass, a fine mist clouding the window as he breathed. It was a mild day in Neopia Central, they don’t feel the same chill that comes to the residents of Happy Valley, but he was still sporting a light blue jacket. Vinny was out with owner looking at the Neopian shops for Christmas gifts when a particular establishment caught his eye.

Week - 714

Nerkmid Dreams: Unexpected Wall Decorations
by therainbowsheep
Description: Uh, yeah, I totally sold them...

Art by brooklyn3223

Week - 718

Tough Competition
by brooklyn3223

Also by alyndasgallery

Week - 721

The Struggle With Snowwy
by brooklyn3223
Description: I just don't get it.

Week - 722

Count Von Roo's Deadly Hour
by brooklyn3223
Description: It's all starting to make sense.

Also by azusa_k

Week - 725

Chia Day Madness
by brooklyn3223
Description: Big dreams my little friend

Also by marbear_4u

Week - 729

Why Kadoaties Don't Make Good Supporters
by brooklyn3223
Description: That's not really the noise we were looking for

Also by azusa_k

Week - 736

The Evolution of the Hoagie Kadoatie
by brooklyn3223
Description: If I fits, I sits.

Also by mapthesoul

Week - 739

How Not To Sneak Into The Magma Pool
by brooklyn3223
Description: Maybe not a paper bribe next time.

Also by mapthesoul

Week - 740

The Burning Book of Moltara: Part One
by mapthesoul
Description: Yet, while nearly everyone in Neopia screams about Yooyuball and discusses their favorite flavor of slushie, a little pair of neopets find their way into a mostly deserted Faerieland Library. "Come on, HS! Everyone's down at the arena. This is our chance to explore the top floor!" Vivi peeks out from behind the corner of the library before letting HS know the coast is clear.

Also by brooklyn3223 and eeames

Week - 741

The Burning Book of Moltara: Part Two
by mapthesoul
Description: "It's right over there, on that island ahead." They had flown around a maze of islands until they seemed to be in the middle of them all. As the three of them reached the beach, the Peophin stopped short and tilted its head towards the shore. "I can't go with you, but it's right over there. You'll know when you find it."

Also by brooklyn3223 and eeames

Week - 753

A Transformation Blunder
by brooklyn3223
Description: Yer a flizzard, Harry

Also by mapthesoul

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