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Week - 718

A Thief's Life - NO CHEATING
by yoshisislandbandit
Description: For the love of Fyora...

Week - 720

A Thief's Life - Sidekicks
by yoshisislandbandit
Description: Some just aren't cut out for the job.

Week - 722

A Thief's Life - Eyebrows
by yoshisislandbandit
Description: Biyakos. So majestic.

Week - 732

Head in the Clouds: Altador Cup
by yoshisislandbandit
Description: Why would you pick Team Altador?

Week - 733

Head in the Clouds: Dress?
by yoshisislandbandit
Description: He just couldn't find a toga.

Week - 736

Head in the Clouds: Souvenir!
by yoshisislandbandit
Description: That's a souvenir you don't want to keep.

Week - 737

Head in the Clouds: Cup Antics
by yoshisislandbandit
Description: When glitches impede your team's victory.

Week - 740

Head in the Clouds: Beating the Heat
by yoshisislandbandit
Description: Your own personal swimming pool!

Week - 743

Head in the Clouds: Feeling Sketchy
by yoshisislandbandit
Description: Might wanna keep your mouth shut next time...

Week - 744

Undead Rising: Part One
by yoshisislandbandit
Description: It wasn’t long before Bernard came across a rather interesting gravestone that stood out among the rest of them...

Week - 745

Undead Rising: Part Two
by yoshisislandbandit
Description: Bernard and the Lenny stared at each other for a few moments before either of them reacted. The Lenny was not much to look at: tattered clothing and a ghostly tail replacing his legs, similar to most ghosts that wandered around. The amulet was the one thing that stood out on him…

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