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Week - 554

Must Haves For the Neopet that Loves to Cook
by pinkcrown123
Description: Some amazing items that are sure to improve your Neopet's cooking.

Week - 559

Cutest Mutant Items
by pinkcrown123
Description: I looked at all of the Mutant items in Neopia and found the cutest ones of all!

Week - 562

Chocolate - to Eat Or Not to Eat?
by pinkcrown123
Description: Well, since the annual Chocolate Ball is coming up, we decided to give a list chocolates that are delicious... and terrible.

Week - 679

Codestone Deception
by laughitoff123
Description: Probably should have used the Shop Wizard...

Idea by pinkcrown123

Week - 741

Instrument Shopping
by pinkcrown123
Description: Only the finest quality.

Week - 743

A Rockin’ Guide to Neopia’s Instruments!
by pinkcrown123
Description: In fact, if your pet is like this, it might even be a sign to give them an opportunity to learn a new skill - playing an instrument! But first, you obviously have to buy them one! Neopia’s own little music shop is located in the bustling Neopian Plaza at Neopia Central.

Week - 744

Ultimate Genius
by pinkcrown123
Description: How was that easy?!

Week - 745

Balloons for Sale!
by pinkcrown123
Description: Only 5,000 NP!

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