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Week - 705

The Halloween Whack A Sloth Party
by mustikeuh121
Description: Step right up!

Art by sophieauditore

Week - 709

Obsidian Bay
by iluminescent
Description: WHY?!

Also by sophieauditore

Week - 710

by aethelar
Description: It's like a whole new Neopet.

Also by sophieauditore

Week - 711

A Puppyblew's Adventure
by sophieauditore
Description: A story of a puppyblew and his treasure.

Week - 712

Dream Neopet Giveaway Part 1
by sophieauditore
Description: Submitting your pet!

Written by queenmelissa93

Week - 713

Dream Neopet Giveaway Part 2
by sophieauditore
Description: Maybe a more general present would be better.

Written by queenmelissa93

Week - 714

When Zombies Attack...and fail.
by sophieauditore
Description: Not all zombies get the hang of it.

Written by cherishtwilight

Week - 715

Pant Devils Pants
by sophieauditore
Description: The Pant Devil steals back what is his.

Also by sage254

Week - 716

Tax Beast Conundrum
by sophieauditore
Description: There's a first time for everything.

Also by sage254

Week - 717

Around and Around They Go...
by sophieauditore
Description: The Ixi got quite a shock.

Also by she_chose_love

Week - 718

Badly Armed - The Shoe Lace
by sophieauditore
Description: Life isn't always easy.

Also by tedypicker

Week - 720

Super Attack Pea Perspective
by sophieauditore
Description: It's different for everyone.

Also by tedypicker

Week - 721

Dr. Sloth's Invasion Army
by iluminescent
Description: Abort the plan, ABORT.

Also by sophieauditore

Week - 726

Haunted By You
by iluminescent
Description: I think there's a simple solution for that...

Also by sophieauditore

Week - 737

Foul Play
by sophieauditore
Description: I don't think this was random...

Also by jarviscocker.

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