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Week - 689

Sandstone Boots
by dimartedi
Description: In Anmon, children danced in the playground of the dust devils. The spirits would have eaten them if they knew, but the children were too quiet for them to notice.

Week - 692

The Rickety Ship
by dimartedi
Description: Petpet maintenance is a pain.

Week - 694

by dimartedi
Description: First, something in my head went dark, like the wires to the festival lights were lopped off at all ends. Propulsion seized, the fireworks tipped over halfway into the sky. Then there was that lingering moment, a silence of about five seconds or so, as the lights in my thoughts fizzled out into stars, and I was left with these dim, glassy husks of those thoughts, wondering what had changed.

Week - 695

The Rickety Ship: Gone Fishing
by dimartedi
Description: Get a new hobby.

Week - 696

The Rickety Ship: Inaccurate
by dimartedi
Description: We've all been here before.

Week - 698

The Rickety Ship: Q1
by dimartedi
Description: sheeeww

Week - 699

The Rickety Ship: Q2
by dimartedi
Description: Have some zapzaggle.

Week - 700

The Rickety Ship: Weewoo Planet
by dimartedi
Description: Don't trust these guys.

Week - 708

The Rickety Ship: Sick Beats
by dimartedi
Description: Well then...

Week - 731

Testimony of a Thousand
by dimartedi
Description: Apollo was pounded for being a superfluous substance. His owner loved him very much, but LOVE was no bold enumeration on his birth certification. LOVE was not placed below AGE above FISHING SKILL; it only dependently existed, LOVE, a quantity slathered on the discriminating peripheral.

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