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Week - 675

Something Has Hap--- Oh, Wait...
by joslucca3000
Description: Uh oh.

Week - 718

Bite It As Hard As You Can!
by joslucca3000
Description: Ow.

Also by chiefgrumpy.

Week - 719

Unhappy Chia Day
by joslucca3000
Description: You're supposed to eat the apple.

Also by bha288

Week - 720

Kiko Not-So-Pop
by joslucca3000
Description: Looks like Mr. Elvin learned a few tricks from the Deserted Fairground folks.

Also by chiefgrumpy

Week - 721

Durian Difficulties: Part 1
by joslucca3000
Description: Super Durian to the Rescue!

Also by bha288

Week - 723

Faerie Quests: Revealed!
by joslucca3000
Description: That's why Faeries don't ask for help from other Faeries...

Also by chiefgrumpy

Week - 724

Durian Difficulties: Part 2
by joslucca3000
Description: Prickly on the outside, cuddly on the inside

Also by bha288.

Week - 725

The Joys of Aging a Petpet
by joslucca3000
Description: No one ever said it'd be easy...

Also by chiefgrumpy

Week - 728

Durian Difficulties: Part 3
by joslucca3000
Description: Your attitude is stinkin' up the place

Also by bha288.

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