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Week - 712

A Kadtacular Christmas
by brooklyn3223
Description: Vinny pressed his nose into the glass, a fine mist clouding the window as he breathed. It was a mild day in Neopia Central, they don’t feel the same chill that comes to the residents of Happy Valley, but he was still sporting a light blue jacket. Vinny was out with owner looking at the Neopian shops for Christmas gifts when a particular establishment caught his eye.

Week - 714

Nerkmid Dreams: Unexpected Wall Decorations
by therainbowsheep
Description: Uh, yeah, I totally sold them...

Art by brooklyn3223

Week - 718

Tough Competition
by brooklyn3223

Also by alyndasgallery

Week - 721

The Struggle With Snowwy
by brooklyn3223
Description: I just don't get it.

Week - 722

Count Von Roo's Deadly Hour
by brooklyn3223
Description: It's all starting to make sense.

Also by azusa_k

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