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Week - 680

Last Minute Gift (Baskets)
by placebo_533
Description: It's coming up to Valentines Day and we all know what that means...

Week - 699

by placebo_533
Description: The first breath was the hardest. They call the last breath ‘the death rattle’, but the first after dying is more than that, worse than that. The shock of it is only half the trouble. It’s like a small fire, or some sort of explosion, igniting in your chest. I saw a ghostkerbomb go off once, with a piercing white fire. It felt the way that bomb had looked.

Week - 705

by placebo_533
Description: Boo!


Week - 711

Baby Blues
by placebo_533
Description: Hush...

Week - 717

Heavy Metal
by placebo_533
Description: A Mote. A particle, or speck of dust. A tiny, inconsequential amount of something, usually pictured floating off to nowhere. A little bit of somethingness to punctuate the nothingness. This might be what always made me uneasy, when I thought of motes - that emphasis of space. At least, I think it was; before that day, when I started thinking something else.

Week - 720

The Riddle of The Sphinx
by placebo_533
Description: Two travelers must answer...

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