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Week - 250

Break Time...
by mryddian
Description: When it's break time in the Battledome...

Art by krispykritter6

Week - 284

Wingoball Victory! Victory?...
by mryddian
Description: ???

Art by krispykritter6

Week - 690

Avatar Error
by krispykritter6
Description: Nooooo!

Idea by: krispykritter6

Art by: dutchese159

Week - 700

Nightmare on Avatar Street
by krispykritter6
Description: Kaboom!

Art by dutchese159

Week - 707

The Neopian Pound - That's No Life
by krispykritter6
Description: This inspired me to begin regularly fostering abandoned neopets and helping them find good homes. The process starts with a search in the pound, where I look at each available pet one by one to determine who most needs my help. Today, I not only help Chias, but pets of all species.

Also by dutchese159

Week - 709

Prequel: I Shall Call Him Mr. Feathers
by dutchese159
Description: That was so fast!

Also by krispykritter6

Week - 709

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas
by krispykritter6
Description: That joyous time of year when all little Neopians and Neopets start giving their thanks. And with that special time of gift giving, you know what that means… it’s time to start thinking about Christmas shopping!

Also by utchese159

Week - 710

Bucket List: 20 Things You Must Do in Neopia
by krispykritter6
Description: At the end of the year I decided to look through my journal and pick out my favourite memories, and to compose a list to pass along to whatever new species comes after me. Nobody knows when the next species will come, but when it does, I hope to be able to arm them with a good guide to getting to know the best parts of Neopia.

Also by dutchese159

Week - 712

Spreading The Christmas Spirit
by krispykritter6
Description: It’s that time of year when everyone in Neopia is rushing around in preparation for their Christmas celebrations. Do we even stop to think about what Christmas Spirit really is? It is so easy to get caught up in making our Christmas lists and thinking about what material items we want to receive. Let’s not forget the true meaning of Christmas which is giving and spreading love.

Also written by dutchese159

Week - 713

Pass the Pound Cake!
by krispykritter6
Description: If you’re like most Neopians, you probably indulged in many feasts, eating far too many Christmas cookies and helpings of turkey dinner. You might be feeling a little bloated and wondering why your pants are feeling a wee bit snug. You’ve probably even started feeling a little bit of food remorse. If you’re not sure, there are some common symptoms you can look out for.

Also by dutchese159

Week - 717

Jhudora's Back!
by dutchese159
Description: Her true evil scheme.

Also by Krispykritter6

Week - 719

Valentine’s Day: A Guide to Survival
by krispykritter6
Description: Oh Valentine’s Day. The day that so many of Neopians look forward to. Does the sight of all those hearts make you feel sadness? What about all of those people talking about love? Don’t you just adore all the hearts and romantic gestures of love? No? Then read on.

Also by dutchese159

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