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Week - 366

Robiian's Werelupe Adventure
by phadalusfish
Description: "Then where are we going?"

"Into the Woods."

Silence followed, deathly silence.

Week - 368

A Treatise on Controversy: Quitters and Key Quest
by phadalusfish
Description: Not everyone gets what they want all the time, and this is where the biggest problem seems to arise: people quitting.

Week - 370

Xavier's Quest: Part One
by phadalusfish
Description: There were no celebrations to be found: no lights, no decorated trees, no singing from the Cliffhanger cliffs. Surely someone had noticed by now. Surely someone on Terror Mountain had realized what time of year it was.

Week - 371

Xavier's Quest: Part Two
by phadalusfish
Description: Xavier started to panic. He spun around in circles, looking for anything that wasn't white or fluffy, but there was only snow.

Week - 372

Xavier's Quest: Part Three
by phadalusfish
Description: Sarasan surveyed the mound. He'd sorted out ten Ultra Icy Neggs. "Well. Now how do we get them all down?"

Week - 373

Xavier's Quest: Part Four
by phadalusfish
Description: He glanced up toward the cavern's ceiling, trying to gauge what time it was. Not that knowing will do me any good, he thought. I don't know when the Snowager sleeps.

Week - 374

Xavier's Quest: Part Five
by phadalusfish
Description: "Well, did you ever think of talking to the Negg Faerie about it? Maybe you two can work things out."

Week - 462

Gormball: Taking Down the Championships
by phadalusfish
Description: Gormball requires extreme acts of athleticism, such as juggling, tossing, catching, and getting wet without making a scene.

Week - 463

Key Quest: For (Fun and) Profit
by phadalusfish
Description: Key Quest may well be Neopia's best-kept secret.

Week - 465

A Comprehensive Storytelling Guide: Part One
by phadalusfish
Description: This week, I'll cover the basics of the contest, the overall plot diagram of the entries, characterization, and tone.

Week - 466

A Comprehensive Storytelling Guide: Part Two
by phadalusfish
Description: If there's not some sort of twist, revelation, or major action in your part, you probably didn't progress the story.

Week - 467

Mrs. Doppelganger
by phadalusfish
Description: Naturally, my research began with uncovering the true identity of Mrs. Doppelganger.

Week - 480

Making the Most of the Faerie's Ruin Prize Shop
by phadalusfish
Description: I can help you with one huge aspect of the plot point store: turning your plot points into neopoints.

Week - 486

Illusen: Good, or Not So Much?
by phadalusfish
Description: She's definitely on the "good" end of the good versus evil spectrum, but let's be honest: is that really where she belongs?

Week - 488

Regarding the Deserted Temple of Geraptiku and a Very Strange, Very Purple Orb
by phadalusfish
Description: So it happened that one sunny Wednesday afternoon I found myself, quite unhappily, on Mystery Island.

Week - 489

Diary of an Ancient Grey Lupe: Stark Beginnings
by phadalusfish
Description: Those days were washed from my memory by lonely howls and the light of a solitary moon.

Week - 491

The Negg Faerie's Apprentice
by phadalusfish
Description: Much to my surprise, it wasn't Kari I found manning the Neggery one fine afternoon in the month of Eating, but a new, younger faerie I had never seen before.

Week - 499

The Path to All Star -- Part One
by phadalusfish
Description: The Altador Cup is here, fanfare, mad keyboard mashing, and all.

Week - 500

The Path to All Star -- Part Two
by phadalusfish
Description: This week I'm going to discuss the three side games of the Altador Cup.

Week - 558

The Exhibitor's Usukicon
by phadalusfish
Description: I have the honor of being the exhibitor liaison for this year's Usukicon, and, as I'm sure you know, the success of this event depends almost entirely on you, our collectors.

Week - 559

The 228 Seconds I was a Mutant
by phadalusfish
Description: (At least, Eviamnora *thinks* she'll never be a Mutant again! -Phadalusfish)

Week - 609

by phadalusfish
Description: "Ick." Ebsidia stared down the hallway of the Space Station, coated with a dry, crusty slime.

Week - 618

A Roo Island Halloween
by phadalusfish
Description: "Everyone is going to be in the Haunted Woods for Halloween, so many Neopians looking for a scare that there won't be enough ghouls and ghosts and devilish monsters in the entire forest to scare them all. We should go to Roo Island."

Week - 650

Made of Stars
by phadalusfish
Description: I heard the word as it echoed through the lower halls of my keep, up the smooth stone sides of the castle they'd tried for days to breech. I didn't call it evil. I called it power...

Week - 712

Dr Death's Translocation Device
by phadalusfish
Description: The Day of Giving dawned cold and bleak in a certain corner of Neopia Central, where dozens of pets without families huddled together in the Pound. They had spent the night under the large window in the reception area, staring up at the few stars that managed to peek through the gathering clouds. By morning, the fluffy white puffs had turned dark gray, and snow had started to tumble out of them.

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