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Week - 700

Way to Get Soaked! The Annual Gormball Championship
by iciclefaerie05
Description: On the 23rd Day of Gathering, eight athletes took the field to play a fierce game of Gormball for the Fifteenth Annual Gormball Championships. The betting books were in favor of Brian the Scorchio winning this year’s Golden Planet trophy. The Scorchio grinned cheekily when interviewed by reporters.

Week - 701

A Day in the Life of a Sewer Surfer
by iciclefaerie05
Description: The clinking of the pipes fitting together was comforting to Matt, the Neopian Central Sewer Systems Engineer Wocky. For the past several years, he had been in charge of fixing the broken pipes that flooded Neopia Central back in Year Four.

Also by tanner_73

Week - 704

The Adventures of Kad and Drooly: Part 1
by iciclefaerie05
Description: This may have been a mistake.

Week - 705

The Adventures of Kad and Drooly: Part 2
by iciclefaerie05
Description: Ugh, the drool machine is back

Week - 706

The Adventures of Kad and Drooly: Part 3
by iciclefaerie05
Description: How?!

Week - 707

The Adventures of Kad and Drooly 4
by iciclefaerie05
Description: I must escape...

Week - 708

Wishing for a Happy Birthday
by iciclefaerie05
Description: Qtty was delighted! Her sister Theloni’s first birthday was coming up. Although Qtty looked the baby, she was in fact years older than her youngest sister. She was determined to make this the best birthday ever!

Week - 712

The Perfect Gift
by iciclefaerie05
Description: Family is the best gift.

Also by parody_ham

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Holiday Neopets
Oh, the moment every Neopian has been waiting for is finally approaching. Stockings are lined against the edges of the fireplace, Jazzmosis Christmas music floods the air, a large ornamented evergreen Christmas tree stands in the corner of every Neopian’s living room, and a fresh batch of cookies rest on a plate next to a glass of milk on the table. The night has come for Santa Claus to plop down the chimney and deliver gifts, bringing joy to thousands of Neopets and spreading smiles when they wake the next morning.

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The Perfect Gift
Family is the best gift.

Also by parody_ham

by iciclefaerie05


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Always remember what matters most during the holidays.

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