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Week - 635

Fate of the Food-like
by _torchic__
Description: Why is that?

Week - 636

A Feathery Tale
by _torchic__
Description: SugarChick grumbled as she lifted her eyelids. How annoying it was to wake up before everyone else.

Week - 637

Pteri Wings: A Cause from Comics
by _torchic__
Description: I found the cause!

Week - 638

Pteri Wings: Artist's Favorite Color
by _torchic__
Description: Eclair is planning on painting me...

Week - 639

Pteri Wings: A Mad Scientist?
by _torchic__
Description: Would you like to help me?

Week - 640

Pteri Wings: You are Rotten to the Core!
by _torchic__
Description: Come on!

Week - 649

Slush: Inside a Balloon
by _torchic__
Description: Regrets

Week - 651

One Route to Altador: Part One
by _torchic__
Description: "You mean... We are actually going to Altador to watch the games?" Abernathe asked breathlessly.

Week - 652

One Route to Altador: Part Two
by _torchic__
Description: Sugarchick and Climene began to race towards Faerieland, ignoring the cries of their owner, Éclair, to come back.

Week - 653

One Route to Altador: Part Three
by _torchic__
Description: "What happens if she doesn't make it to Altador?"

Region4 shrugged. "We have to go about by ourselves. It isn't that bad at all, if you think about it."

Week - 654

One Route to Altador: Part Four
by _torchic__
Description: Abernathe almost fell off the top bunk in surprise. She looked down to find her roguish baby sister, Climene, rolling on Abernathe's bunk, squeaking with laughter.

Week - 655

One Route to Altador: Part Five
by _torchic__
Description: "Wake up, you sleepy rabbit!" she shouted happily. "We are going to see the land of Altador today!"

Week - 653

Slush: Petrifaction?
by _torchic__
Description: Woodland pets can easily become...

Week - 683

Esophagor Breath
by _torchic__
Description: Wow!

Week - 712

Slush: Holidays at the Neopian Times
by _torchic__
Description: A one of a kind gift.

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